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Everything we know about the Call of Duty game is related to the maps available for gameplay, game modes, and characters to choose from. But what do you know about warfare? Can you name a couple of weapon sets that will make a battle exciting and easy to win? No? Then keep reading; we have something interesting for you.

Let Yourself Win

Weapons and equipment in Warzone work the same way as in basic Modern Warfare, so gamers will know what to expect.

If you are not an expert in the Call of Duty weapon sets, then here's a list of the best weapons in CoD Warzone. These are ready-made gear kits that you can copy and try out on the battlefield. In Battle Royal mode, you can, of course, do this by paying for weapon drops at the supply station. For example, you can buy Damascus camo if you need it. Weapons and equipment in Warzone work the same way as in basic Modern Warfare, so gamers will know what to expect. However, the following list will be useful for both beginners and experienced players.

Best Weapon in CoD Warzone

For your comfort, we have divided the breakdown into three categories: universal, long-range, and short-range.

#1 — Best Universal Weapon

  • Primary weapon: M4A1
  • Secondary weapon: 725
  • Strengths: Minesweeper, lightweight, Tracker
  • Equipment: frag grenade
  • Tactical gear: grenade
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It is the best kit if you want to be ready for anything. Your main weapon is the M4A1, the most popular rifle in the game, which will give you an edge in most situations. Thanks to the Minesweeper advantage, you will take less fire and explosion damage, and you will also be able to track enemies thanks to the Tracker.

#2 — Best Long-Range Weapon

  • Primary weapon: AX-50
  • Secondary weapon: 725
  • Strengths: Sprinter, Easy, Tracker
  • Hardware: Claymore
  • Tactical Equipment: Decoy Grenade

If you prefer to keep your enemy away as a sniper, use this set. The AX-50 is one of the best sniper rifles in the game. It will allow you to run longer and move faster after squatting. Use Claymore will protect your back, and when you hear someone getting too close, use Decoy and switch to the shotgun. When using this weapon, remember that in the last stages of the game, you must replace the sniper rifle with another weaponry.


#3 — Best Short-Range Weapon

  • Main weapon: MP5
  • Secondary weapon: M4A1
  • Strengths: Sprinter, lightweight, tough
  • Equipment: petrol bomb
  • Tactical equipment: heart rate sensor
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The MP5 is a great choice for a short-range because it shoots very quickly while ensuring good accuracy. You also have the M4A1 as an emergency weapon in case you have to shoot at long-range targets. Besides, the Tough Guy skill will allow you to keep fighting after being stunned. Use the heart rate monitor to find out the position of enemies behind the walls and block the escape route of enemies with petrol bombs.