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 Did you know that hemp farming quadrupled in the United States in 2019? Farmers grew 78,176 acres of the hemp plant in 2018 and were licensed to grow 511,442 in 2019, that's a 455% increase.

After hemp was removed from the Controlled Substances Act in the 2018 Farm Bill, 13 states created laws to legalize the hemp plant. An increasing amount of growers are getting licensed because of the changing laws. 16,877 licenses were issues in states across the country, an increase of 476% from licenses issued in the previous year.

With the changes in the laws around growing hemp and its growing popularity, it's important to know about all the benefits and uses the hemp plant us. Keep reading to learn more.

1. It's Used in Healthy Foods

Hemp seeds are being used more in healthy diets because of their nutritional value. Hemp is a healthy source of protein and fats, it also contains all of the essential amino acids you need for a healthy diet.

The popularity of plant-based milk stems from a growing belief in the harmful effects of the dairy industry on human health and the environment. Hemp milk is rising up amongst well-known choices like soy or almond and the fact that it's lower in calories than most other kinds of milk makes it a great choice.

2. Clothing Made From Hemp

You most likely haven't heard of clothes made from industrial hemp but before the popularity of cotton, hemp was a primary source for making fabrics and clothing. Hemp fiber is a sturdy, organic material that creates more sustainable clothing.

Hemp fiber not only creates better quality and more sustainable clothing but different types of hemp can also create things like ropes or carpets. You can even find diapers made from hemp so that your baby's bottom will only come in contact with organic materials and you'll also be able to stop worrying about all the waste created by regular diapers.

3. A Fuel Source

Although fossil fuels power most of the things we use from day to day, the growing availability and cultivation of the hemp plant are creating the possibility of using hemp biofuel as a renewable source of energy.

Using hemp as biodiesel would mean an end to the oil industry and a reduced impact on the planet. It would also be less expensive than the sources of energy used today.

4. A Plastic Alternative

Next on the list of hemp plant uses is a type of plastic alternative. The damaging effects on the environment and waste created by plastics are well known.

Bioplastics created from hemp are one way to reduce the amount of plastic used each day. Hemp plastic is free of the toxins found in regularly used plastics, it's stronger and completely biodegradable too.

Plastic bags are another item on the list of wasteful and environmentally damaging products. Bags made from hemp fiber are stronger and reusable and will therefore produce less waste.

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5. A Stronger Form of Paper

Hemp was actually used to create paper before the use of trees. Since hemp grows fairly quickly compared to trees, paper made from the hemp plant is considered more sustainable. Hemp paper is also stronger than other kinds of paper.

Hemp paper doesn't require the use of added chemicals so it will last longer and can be recycled more often without releasing toxins into the environment.

6. Construction Materials Made From Hemp

The cannabis plant has so many different kinds of uses and can even be used to build the green home of your dreams. The fibers and oils of the hemp plant can mimic widely used materials like concrete, bricks, and insulation.

Hempcrete is a concrete-like building material made from hemp and because of its strength can easily be used in the construction of a home. Hemp oil-based paints are also becoming more popular in home decor because they don't release any of the toxins found in other paints.

7. It Can Create a Cleaner Environment

The hemp plant can, for the most part, grow in any kind of condition. It's also known to extract chemicals and toxins from the soil where it's planted. This is a revolutionary use of the hemp plant, helping to clean the environment each time it's cultivated.

Restoring the soil can rectify the damaged land where crops have stopped growing and allow the cultivation of other crops and plants.

8. Wellness Products

One of the most well-known uses of hemp is in the creation of CBD-based products. CBD can be found in oil form, capsules, and other edibles. CBD health benefits have been discussed widely and while they aren't medically approved, many people have been seeking these products as alternatives for general wellness.

Another popular form of CBD product is Delta 8 vapes and tinctures. Delta 8 is one of 100 components of cannabis plants, which is considered to be the commonly found ingredient in cannabis-based products. The molecular structure of the cannabinoid help with several medical conditions, such as stress and anxiety relief, an increase of energy and concentration. Thanks to these and other positive effects that Delta 8 and other cannabinoids have on health, there is a diversity of products available in several chain stores such as Walgreens and online stores like Medterra CBD, Dr. Ganja online CBD shop, and Endoca. 

Since the hemp plant is known to contain many of the necessary nutrients you need, it's also commonly used in skincare and cosmetics. You can find hemp-based skin creams, makeup, and hair care products.

9. Hemp in the Pet Industry

Hemp-based products for pets are also quite common today. Hemp-based treats are sold at many pet stores. Toys and bedding for pets made from hemp are also great because of their durability.

Hemp seeds are a great source of feed for birds, they help them maintain a healthy life. Hemp-derived meals for livestock are a healthy alternative for their digestive health.

The Best Hemp Plant Uses You Should Know

The hemp plant has a variety of uses and benefits that are great for your health and the environment. Hemp milk is healthier than dairy-based milk and a hemp-derived plastic can vastly reduce carbon footprint. Make sure you check out some of our other blogs to learn more.