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Almost 50 million people in the United States are legally disabled. That number has crawled upwards in recent years as medical science continues to make more sense out of common problems that people experience.


Having a disability is a hardship. It's something that, in most cases, puts you at a disadvantage when compared to your peers.

Knowing how to help somebody with a disability can also be troubling.

As an able-bodied person that cares about somebody that is struggling with a condition, it can often be difficult to understand how to best accommodate that person.

In our opinion, the first step to being an ally of the disability community is understanding what some of the most common issues are within that community.

Re first step to being an ally of the disability community is understanding what some of the most common issues are within that community.

Below, we share 5 of the most common disabilities that are out there in hopes that they'll make you a more community-conscious person.

  1. Obesity

Millions of people struggle with obesity. While some argue over whether or not obesity is actually a protected disability class, given how big of an impact it has on a sufferer's life, we'd contend that it is.

Obesity is often spurred by genetics, lack of exercise and overeating. It can be treated through healthy lifestyle changes or via increasingly common medical procedures (Gastric Bypass surgery for example).

  1. Depression

People all over the world suffer from bouts with depression. A handful of those people have frequent bouts with this disability and some live in a pool of depression that they find to be absolutely inescapable.

As doctors continue to uncover the underlying causes of depression, better treatment is being prescribed in the way of drugs and natural remedies like talk therapy.

  1. ADHD
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ADHD is an abbreviation for a disability that's very common in children called Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

ADHD makes it very hard for people to be self-aware. It also causes immense trouble when those that suffer from it are asked to focus.

This disability can have a severe impact on educational outcomes and can even cause sufferers to lose their jobs due to sub-par concentration and the consequential impact on work performance.

  1. Dyslexia

Dyslexia is one of the most common disabilities found in school-aged people. It creates conditions where the brain cannot properly parse letters and numbers which leads to extreme difficulty with reading.

Dyslexia causes many students to give up on learning and drop out of school. That cause and effect relationship then sets sufferers up for a lifetime of trouble finding work or feeling confident in their intelligence.

  1. Sensory Loss

Deafness and blindness are two common disabilities that communities have made large strides to accommodate. Today, there are a number of ways that sufferers of these conditions can communicate, read and navigate their communities.

There are even a number of disability loans out there that people dealing with sensory loss can take advantage of if they're going through a work transition period.

Our Final Thoughts on Common Disabilities

Understanding the common disabilities that surround us is an important entry-level step towards advocacy in our communities and being a better all-around person.

We hope that our information above was helpful to you and we welcome you to browse more of our content if you'd like to become more aware of the world around you.

Rokey Jhonson