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Moving to Los Angeles? It is a city located in the State of California, specifically in the West. It is one of the largest cities in the United States. It has approximately 4 million inhabitants in the city itself and about 18 million in the metropolitan area.

Moving to Los Angeles

Also known as LA, it is considered the city where everything can become reality and together with Hollywood, it forms the perfect couple of the cinematographic industry suggests tembak ikan.

Moving To Los Angeles

We must bear in mind that to be able to travel to any American city, including Los Angeles, it is necessary to be in possession of a visa for the United States.

Since the so-called green cards are very complicated to obtain, the easiest thing is to obtain a visa through the company we work for if our intention is to move for work reasons.

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Before we move to Los Angeles, we must keep in mind that this is a very expensive city when it comes to renting housing.

Before we move to Los Angeles, we must keep in mind that this is a very expensive city when it comes to renting housing.

Also it is not advisable to look for accommodation from Spain, as there are many scams. Keep in mind that many of the flats offered usually come unfurnished, so if our intention is to stay in the country for a short period of time perhaps it is much cheaper to look for a room.

To search for a flat, these two websites can be useful and

Now, depending on what your preferences are, the best areas to live in are:

  • Beach and Leisure Zone: Santa Monica and Venice Beach are also very safe areas.
  • Urban Center: Dowtown
  • Tourist area: Hollywood with great leisure offers.

Also noteworthy are the areas of

  • Mid Wilshire and Westwood: located near the University of California.
  • Beachwood Canyon: located very close to Hollywood but with more affordable prices.
  • Beverly Hills and Malibu: these are the most expensive areas to live in, home to many celebrities.
  • Brentwood: it is a perfect residential area for families.


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Los Angeles is an extremely large city, however the transportation system is quite precarious in the city. The buses only connect the main avenues, and as for the subway, this is organized by colors depending on the route they make.

  • The green one: routes from South Bay to Norwalk.
  • The red one: it works in the areas from Downtown to the north of Hollywood.
  • Blue: from Dowtown to Long Beach
  • The violet: the journeys are made from Union Station to Koreatown
  • The yellow one: it works from Union Station to Pasadena
  • La dorada: goes from North Hollywood to Warner Center/ Downtown to San Pedro.
  • As for the price of the transport it accedes to the following page

Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles

There are countless things to see and do in Los Angeles. From mountain sites to extensive beaches, multiple museums and theme and natural parks.

As for the "nearby" areas to visit, they stand out:

  • Downtown Los Angeles: considered the center of the city, is surrounded by skyscrapers and modern architecture. In this area you can visit monuments such as:
  • Los Angeles City Hall
  • Walt Disney Centre Hall
  • Music Centre
  • Fashion District

Manhattan Beach: one of the most famous beaches in Los Angeles. Also during your visit, you will find a million surfers, since it is one of the best beaches to practice this sport. The beach of Santa Monica is also worth a visit.

Beverly Hills: currently known as one of the most luxurious areas of Los Angeles. Not only does it offer great mansions of millionaires and famous people, but it is also an indispensable visit:

  • Rodeo Drive and Canyon Drive: is the most famous commercial street in the area. You can find luxury boutiques of all brands! However, buy something suitable only for well-filled pockets!
  • Warner Brothers: these are the most important movie studios in the world. It's possible to tour them! However, it is advisable to book in advance.
  • Trolley Tours: for all those who want to visit the houses of the famous, it is possible to take a tour, which will take you to visit the most envied and beautiful mansions.

Hollywood: this is the area where all the film production companies are concentrated, including Paramount, Columbia and Warner Bros.

Also in this area we can also find the museum of Hollywood history, as well as Universal Studios and the walk of fame, where you can walk in the footsteps of the most famous Hollywood characters.

Another must-see is the Sunset Strip, characterized by its bohemian atmosphere, and surrounded by clubs and discotheques.

Another must-see is the city's beaches; Venice, Malibu, Hermosa Beach, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Balboa Beach.

Ready for your new adventure? Start packing and save up to 40% on your move.

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