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New York has consistently produced some of the greatest artists of all time. Hip hop has always been a big part of its culture and has influenced many people. An up and coming artist, by the name of Moy Baun,is looking to secure his spot at the top of the rap game.

Moy Baun

Moy Baun was born and raised in Queens, but his family is originally from Jamaica. He’s always loved classic hip hop, but he also had an ear for reggae music. Reggae is where Moy Baun drew inspiration for his smooth and vibey flow, but his ability to apply it on a catchy hip hop beat is what separates him from other artists today. This unique style has allowed him to catch the attention of many people.

In his latest single, “Chances”, he details the struggles he faced in life, and how by taking risks and having faith he was able to overcome them. His creativity, flow, and versatility was displayed on this track and he perfectly rides the beat. This is a must-listen song, as almost one hundred thousand people have viewed it on Youtube.

To stay updated on any music and Moy Baun himself, give him a follow on Instagram, @moybaun.

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