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Every month, more and more people believe that IncrediMail (now Perion), a popular mail client for Windows, works worse on Windows 10. It seems that crashes, errors, and other problems are related to the latest Windows 10 updates. Some also talk about vulnerabilities to malware. All these have led many users to look for alternatives.

MS Outlook

What should you look for in these alternatives? When considering migration from IncrediMail to Outlook, pay your attention to Outlook Transfer tool. Of course, email clients should be focused on improving productivity and effective organization. These elements should work together to make life easier for users.

Email clients should be focused on improving productivity and effective organization. These elements should work together to make life easier for users.

Also, email clients should take into account the fact that all of their users will have their working environment. The best email clients should not only adapt to any changes in the environment but also continue to work after system updates. They constantly need to change along with the whole world of the latest technology, which is not an easy task! That's why we appreciated all email clients for Windows. However, the most obvious and reliable choice is Microsoft Outlook.

Why Choose Outlook?

There are many other alternatives, but MS Outlook is truly the best. It seems that this service is the most effective tool compared to all the others. Since its release, the program has earned many awards and continues to improve. The goal of the development team is to create a concise, intuitive, and user-friendly interface that can facilitate the organization of mail to its users every day. Moreover, its applications allow them to constantly ruin the boundaries of what is called the standard of mail clients.

The Main Advantages

MS Outlook
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1)High convenience of communication

You can reply to the letter with just one click. Thanks to the Social Connector service, news from friends’ social networks are delivered automatically. When working on a joint project, you can create a shared folder, calendar, or task list for team members, which greatly simplifies business communication.

2)Convenient functions

For example, you can always check your schedule, information about the person with whom you are currently communicating, details of the meeting or a task. It is very convenient to use contact cards - in fact, a personal electronic data bank about people. Thanks to these cards, you can always quickly contact a person in almost any way.

3)Multiple email accounts

It is possible to simultaneously use different mailboxes and calendars. With a lot of correspondence, the function of selecting the amount of mail that will be stored on your computer will be very useful.

Are you a Windows 10 user? Try MS Outlook! Have we forgotten to mention your favorite email client? Leave a comment about what you use and why.

Julia Smith