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Muhammed Youssef

How many people think of giving back to society selflessly? Many people would love to help the less fortunate, but they may not have the resources to do so because they barely make ends meet. There are alternatives if you think your way through. Muhammed Youssef, for example, decided to start a charity calls My Book Society in Upper Egypt by educating some less fortunate kids. He didn't have money to donate to charity but that didn't stop him from making a change in the lives of these kids for their future. Today, he's an inspiration in Egypt because of his selfless deed.

How did Muhammed start the charity?

Muhammed lives in Qena, Egypt. He is a freelance graphic designer and also a student of computer science at Delta Technology University which is at Quweisna, Al Minufiyah, Egypt. At 21, he is the founder and leader of his charitable institution and plays a crucial role in educating underprivileged Students in Upper Egypt. But this didn't happen in one day. It took Muhammed years to spread the word and gather volunteers who would help children with a vision similar to Muhammed.

Muhammed’s main challenge was to divide time to educate the children who relied on him and other volunteers.

Initially, Muhammed had to handle everything alone. From promoting the noble cause online to buying books and school supplies for children, he did everything quite tactfully. Instead of looking for sponsors to help his charitable institution, he asked his friends, family, and relatives to spread the word via social media. What started as a two-student journey soon turned into hundreds.

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Muhammed’s main challenge was to divide time to educate the children who relied on him and other volunteers. But he managed to overcome the challenge efficiently. He visited schools in Upper Egypt and explained his concept of teaching students for free to many teachers and principals. "I said that if anyone could spare at least an hour every day or a few hours every week, they should contact me. No one, including me, hadn't imagined that we would get so many positive responses. There were nearly twenty teachers ready to spend a couple of hours every day after school to teach the students.

When I started the community, I wanted the students to get similar education as kids of their age would usually receive in schools. That was the reason I approached teachers from different schools because they know how to handle students. I think it's easy to get monetary support, but this response from so many teachers really made me feel proud of my country. We now have specialist teachers teaching children every day."

What's next for Muhammed?

The man of the moment feels that he should continue doing this noble job for years. It's hard to find someone like him who can dedicate so much time to helping children and making their future bright.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

As many of his colleagues now say, "Muhammed is a godsend for these students. It's because of him that we have found a way to help these kids. We want him to keep going for years and ensure that more kids lead a better future."