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Musician RockstarRican

To make a name for yourself in the musical field, you must stand apart from the millions of other people trying to do the exact same thing. As hard as it can be, those who break the mold and stand out as unique can be well rewarded for their efforts. RockstarRican is an aspiring artist who is relatively new to the music scene–but after listening to his new single, you’ll agree that he won’t be leaving it anytime soon.

RockstarRican’s new single is called Talk Too Much. He released it on April 1st and it already has over 280,000+ streams. His rap style is energetic and innovative, giving a fresh taste to his raging sound. According to RockstarRican, his top influences have been Lil Baby and Meek Mill, the latter of whom he says changed music for him forever. Fans are liking “Talk Too Much” for its lyrics and booming beat. RockstarRican believes that perception is everything, and he strives to turn his losses into his blessings. With music in general, his audience sees the growth and strength.


Born Romique Thompson, RockstarRican is initially from Richmond, Virginia. You’d never know it by listening to his work, but he was not raised as a musician. In fact, for much of his life, he expressed himself through sports and video games growing up. But his life transitioned when he graduated high school and realized that he didnt want to work a job for the rest of his life, which resulted in him cultivating his interest into a passion.

Before long, that passion started to transform into a career. He started off recording his music on Garage Band, and from there, his talent took over. He released his first single “Fake” prod by. Nic Colombo in 2019 and then followed up by dropping his first EP titled “Warmed Up” Prob by. RenzoBeats.

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Relatively new on the music scene but off to a running start, RockstarRican is turning heads with his new single “Talk Too Much”. With its booming beat and creative flow, this single only leaves one question unanswered: what’s next for this up and coming artist?

Britta Hedlund