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Nada Alshamsi

R​oughly 252 million women worldwide are entrepreneurs, and that number keeps rising. With a 114% increase in female entrepreneurs over the last 20 years, women in business are a considerable force to be reckoned with. Entrepreneurship is enticing to women motivated and poised to call the shots. That is precisely what drove Nada Alshamsi towards opening the trendy burger joint Huff & Puff, a 100% full-grown UAE establishment.

N​ada is a very driven woman with a creative side that makes her an excellent culinary entrepreneur.

N​ada is a very driven woman with a creative side that makes her an excellent culinary entrepreneur. "Business is hard work, but you have to be able to have some fun with it," explains Nada. "Huff & Puff was an instant success, and almost right away, we were able to grow in the region rapidly." With seven locations in the UAE, five in Saudi Arabia, 1 in Oman, and 1 in Kuwait, Huff & Puff is quickly turning into a cult favorite.

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B​elieving that success all hinges on your mindset Nada worked hard to build her dream and foster opportunity in her community. "Fun and fast food brings people together," says Nada. "We love being the highlight of someone's day." Nada takes a customer-focused approach providing taste and convenience for her discerning customers. "Our customers are definitely burger enthusiasts," laughs Nada. "Burger-centric is our attitude."

N​ada is the type of entrepreneur who strategically leverages her offering while meeting high-customer demand. It takes a lot of focus, but it's all worth it. "With COVID-19, we saw significant challenges, but we didn't give up," explains Nada. "If anything, it pushed us to think outside the box and make things happen."

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

W​hile Nada certainly keeps her eye on the ball, she doesn't stop there. Continually looking towards trends and the community, Nada loves incorporating new additions and offerings into her menu. Also, providing meals to the poor, Nada appreciates how an international business has adapted her view of the world. An early riser, trendsetter and social media aficionado Nada is an ace woman entrepreneur taking the world by storm one burger joint at a time.