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You put everything you have into building a small business, and it's producing a profit annually. However, you're still struggling to gain name recognition among your competition. The good news is that there are many things you can do to separate your business from others in the same field.

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Customer Service

When you tend to a customer's needs, they in turn not only remain loyal, but they tell others about your business and ultimately give you new customers without the expense of advertising.

If you only focus on bringing in new customers and not keeping them, you'll never grow to your full potential. People will remain loyal to a business if they feel satisfied and respected. For instance, if you sell insurance and one of your customers calls in to report a claim and no one gets back to them, they won't feel like they matter. Excellent customer service is an important component of any business and its success. When you tend to a customer's needs, they in turn not only remain loyal, but they tell others about your business and ultimately give you new customers without the expense of advertising.

Promoting Your Business

There are many ways to promote your business. Some of the tried and trusted "old-school" ways include sending direct mail, advertising on radio or TV or billboards. Today, with everyone seemingly on any one of a number of electronic devices with access to the internet, businesses now have other tools they can use to reach a much larger audience. Social media platforms attract millions of viewers daily and email is a way of life. These resources allow businesses to market their product for less money with higher visibility. These methods also allow you to narrow your efforts to your target demographic.

Trade Shows

While social media platforms allow you to reach a large population each day, they can often miss the mark because they don't provide the personal, human factor. Trade shows allow you to meet people face-to-face and make a real connection and lasting impression. Many of the facilities that sponsor these events provide tables, leaving you to add the finishing promotional touches like a banner, business cards, and a pamphlet that tells the story about your business and the services provided.

Fairs and flea markets are also another way to gain name recognition among people in your area. With a party tent, a few tables and your product and services around you, you'll easily get people to stop and take a look, and again, leave a lasting impression.

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Community Interests

One of the best ways to grow a business that's stagnant is to get involved with your community. Doing things like sponsoring the local baseball team or donating to charity events in the area, will keep your name present and in the minds of people around you. It also transforms you from a successful business owner to a caring member of the community.

Give Back

Appreciation is another component of a successful business. One of the best ways to let customers know how much you appreciate them is to give back through corporate events. This type of annual or semi-annual party allows customers to see you as a real person.

Rewards programs are another way that many successful businesses keep their name in lights. A small reward or find's fee for a business referral goes a long way to growing the business without the need to spend tons of money in advertising.

Tragically, many small businesses never get off the ground and end up closing their doors within just a few years. It's not that they don't have a good product or services to offer. But rather, that they weren't able to get their name out to the public. It's not enough to build the better mouse trap if no one knows about it.

Justin Weinger