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Could you make Instagram famous? Up-and-coming model Natalia Elenkina did. Here’s how…

Becoming an Instagram model is something that most young girls of today dream of – and some young boys, too. If you have a look, the dedication, and the ability to devote a lot of time to it, the dream could quickly become a reality.

Although the rising star of 2020, Natalia Elenkina, certainly didn’t have things easy, she did have the drive, determination, and passion needed to see her dream. As someone who works seven days a week and is not on duty, Natalia warns young fans that it isn’t a life everyone can enjoy.

“You work hard as a model, harder still when you start from Instagram.” 

Says Natalia, who currently harbors more than 56 thousand followers on that very ap. Although she came about every one of those followers through sheer hard work, becoming an Instagram star comes with a cost…

Instagram for Models Starting Out

Instagram is an excellent resource for those who want to see the world, become a model, or gain a following. It is an ideal place to share pictures of yourself and the things you love, some of which are good enough to find your fame in the online world. 

Although it may seem easy to gain success on Instagram, their modeling world is just as cut-throat as the real-life modeling world.

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Although it may seem easy to gain success on Instagram, their modeling world is just as cut-throat as the real-life modeling world. It’s as much about keeping up appearances as it is about getting work. When you are living your life under the view of IG, you are in near-constant exposure to the outside world. 

What does that mean? It means your image is your brand, and your brand can be misrepresented by a single bad photo taken by either the paparazzi or a well-meaning fan. You are on constant lookout, watching what you eat, which hotels you stay in, and how you look that day. Being insta-famous is fun, but you do have to be careful nobody catches you scoffing chocolates or drunk in public… just like the A-listers do.

Advice for Aspiring Instagram Models

Does Natalia Elenkina have advice for Instagram models following in her footsteps? Yes, of course, she does! Here are Natalia Elenkina’s three top tips for being a successful Instagram model.

1 – Don’t give up

The difference between people considered to be professionals, and people who didn’t make it, is that the pros didn’t give up. That’s it. 

2 – Learn the algorithm

On the other hand, you could try for a hundred years to get famous and not make it, simply because you are posting at the wrong time or on a bad day. Learn the algorithm and tailor your content accordingly. 

3 – Avoid Selfies

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Real models have a photographer. Selfies are ok once in a while, but a selfie once a day just makes you look lonely. Get someone else – a partner perhaps – to take your pics. Once you are well known, hire a professional photographer, and your views should skyrocket.