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Nathan Corn

Luxury is something that only a few get, but basic necessities are something everyone deserves. Food, water and shelter are basic needs for humans, but in today's world, many tend to be too busy to cook healthy meals. Enter Nathan Corn, a young entrepreneur who realized this issue and started his own company, FlexPro Meals. With a goal to provide high quality healthy meals to individuals, Corn set out to create a meal prep delivery company that’s different from the competition.

Flexpro delivers health conscience pre-cooked meals saving customers time with many new orders shipping the same day! The convenience of having freshly cooked meals ready to heat and serve provides both valuable time savings and nutritious meals ensuring customers get to spend more time with their family without compromising their nutritional needs.

Flexpro delivers health conscience pre-cooked meals saving customers time with many new orders shipping same day!

When you are rushing for a meeting or it's too late to cook yourself lunch, food becomes something that always takes a back seat. The team at FlexPro focuses on making people’s lives easier so that they not only have time for their families but for themselves too. The meals are compact, can easily be stacked in any size fridge or freezer (we even tried storing them in our office mini fridge!) , and provide ample nutritional value without compromising taste.

“We believe that a long term relationship with the customer is more important than our short term profits. We want to build a relationship by being in someone’s life. Our focus is not to earn profit from them, instead, we want to be a part of their lifestyle. We are pretty sure that between customer referrals and with extra extension time it will come back ten-fold to us,” says Corn on his work values.

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Their website offers a wide range of meals including high protein options, low carb, vegetarian and even Keto friendly meals. What makes FlexPro Meals unique is they offer everything at a very affordable price point for their meal plans. Also, they ship new orders on the same day and all other orders are shipped the next day.

The food comes pre-cooked and freshly frozen in an insulated bag with plenty of ice packs to keep it frozen during transit. Each meal is vacuumed sealed for freshness and are precisely labeled so you always know which meal you're about to enjoy.

Despite the increased shipping costs to send next day air frozen meals to their customers across the United States, FlexPro has chosen to absorb the cost and offer free shipping to customers to ensure they get their meals quickly.

Corn's dedication to customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of FlexPro and his team is dedicated to listening to his customer's needs. Since FlexPro was self funded, it still operates much like a Mom & Pop business yet services a nationwide clientele boasting thousands of orders per week. The company culture of providing the wholesome Mom & Pop touch while providing nationwide support is the cornerstone of its success.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

The bottom line is, they care. And it shows with the quality of their food and revamped customer experience that truly makes them Flexable.