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In a world full of egocentric individuals, Nathan Sharma - the COO of NIWE Academy, is on a mission to impart entrepreneurial wisdom to young business owners. He believes that knowledge is a commodity that should be shared and not be kept secret for the benefit of a few megalomaniacs.

After his success with NIWE Academy, Nathan undertook the task of coaching young entrepreneurs on how to succeed in the business industry. He has been helping others learn from the mistakes he made in his early years as a business owner. Here are a few tips he swears by:

Foster self-discipline

Nathan is of the view that self-discipline is essential for being successful as it helps you align all your efforts towards your goal. It helps you manage your time, makes you an efficient decision-maker, and helps maintain consistency. These factors combined play a valuable role in helping your business thrive.

Manage your time

“If you are working on a project but only pay attention to the $25/hour pay, the project will not be completed. Delegate, delegate, delegate… want to scale faster? Delegate your mind as an entrepreneur and work on making strategic decisions.” says Nathan. He further added that “when you feel there is no time to think, because you are focused on the tasks that don’t require your immediate attention, you will soon find out you are slowly running behind.” In short, Nathan suggests that you equally delegate your time to all tasks; this will ensure that you remain on track.

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Get uncomfortable

According to Nathan, being in business requires you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. As ironic as it may sound, it enables you to grow, tests your limits, and enhances productivity. Nathan wants you to get used to the idea of dealing with unpleasant situations when running a business. It’s how you handle these situations that matter.

Feed your mind

Nathan is a strong advocate of feeding your mind with positive thoughts. He believes you become what you feed your mind; hence, he suggests that you stop putting unrealistic pressure on yourself. In short, feed your mind a balanced diet.

Don’t give up easily

You will always have one challenge or another standing in the way of your business goals. These challenges are to be accepted and viewed as opportunities to grow. Nathan believes that quitting is the easiest option, and if that’s the option you select, you are not cut out for the business world.

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These tips, combined with many more, have helped Nathan change the life of young entrepreneurs who were in search of guidance. His journey has only started as he aims to build a platform that would allow him to answer all the questions many young entrepreneurs have been too diffident to ask.