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If you are on the lookout for the most accurate NCERT solutions for Class 12 Maths, then you have reached the right online destination for the same! These solutions will help you understand all the chapter-wise problems in the NCERT-prescribed textbooks. Led by brilliant minds, Vedantu is India’s leading online tutoring platform which allows students to learn LIVE with some of the best teachers of the country. It caters to 5th to 12th grade and prepares students for school boards, competitive examinations as well as co-curricular courses.

NCERT Solutions

Founded by Vamsi Krishna, Anand Prakash, and Pulkit Jain, Vedantu is a leading online tutoring company of India which enables students to learn LIVE with some of the best-curated teachers of the country. The founders are IITians themselves who have over 13 years of teaching experience. It boasts a team of over 500 teachers who have taught for more than 1 million hours to 40,000+ students. Students from more than 1000 cities across 30+ countries avail these classes to excel in their examinations, be it at school-level or at a competitive stage.

Students from more than 1000 cities across 30+ countries avail these classes to excel in their examinations, be it at school-level or at a competitive stage. 

This is a greatly helpful platform for students who are keen to excel in their exams. Right from your primary school, the foundation for basic concepts should be strong enough, which will help you as you progress to higher classes. Vedantu NCERT solution allows students to delve deep into the fundamentals of different subjects and topics, as well as deal with advanced level of questions that are asked in various competitive exams after class 10. When it comes to gearing up for entrance examinations such as JEE Main and Advanced, NEET and other engineering and medical entrance exams, the best way is to start early by getting a strong hold on the NCERT curriculum at the school level. Vedantu is the best platform for this as all the solutions are updated according to classes, subjects and chapters.

NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) is responsible for developing and publishing NCERT textbooks. Vedantu puts its best foot forward to come up with better ways to help students and provide the detailed solutions for all the questions. The NCERT or CBSE textbook solutions at our platform are aligned with the latest CCE marking scheme pattern. This will facilitate students to learn effectively for the all the examinations that adhere to the NCERT curriculum, besides of course, CBSE board exams. There is a plethora of benefits offered by these NCERT solutions for class 5th to 12th. These are available in PDF format which can be downloaded for free.

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At, students can start downloading NCERT solutions from Class 5th itself. Class 5th is the beginning of the deep studies leading to the higher secondary studies across schools that students go through. Its imperative that from early stage all the basic concepts should be clear for various subjects. Students can hence download the NCERT problems and solutions from Vedantu and try to resolve all questions of all subjects from Class 5th onwards. Its also very critical that students start understanding the basic concepts of various subjects of NCERT like – Maths, Science, English, Social Science, Hindi and EVS. The downloadable PDFs for NCERT solutions on Vedantu are really very helpful for the students of this age. Students of Class V and beyond are able to test their understanding on the Subject and take the tests on their own. When they get stuck up, they can refer with their teachers, parents, tutors or just look into the NCERT solutions that are available as PDF downloads on the website of

While there are many online references to download the NCERT solutions from Class V to Class XIIth, the most popular ones are from The other reference websites are -,, etc. However, in terms of clarity, depth, chapter-wise exercises and solutions, revision exercises and subjects coverage, comes out to be the best and most popular. The management team at, focuses on reimaging and evolving the way teaching and learning has been happening across the decades. They intent to combine the best of teachers, engaging content and technology to bring out the best amongst the students of our age. Its not only the students who get benefitted from the NCERT solutions but also the parents for whom the subject itself had been a matter of scare during their childhood days. The team of Vedantu is gradually and strongly building up a knowledge network where any student can tap onto a teacher directly to enable learning in a personalized manner, anywhere – anytime. Vedantu’s USP is its current network of teachers which is more than 500, and they have together taught more than 1-millions hours to 40,000+ students spread across 1,000+ cities from 30+ countries. This is a fabulous achievement for the team and the entire unit has been persistently pushing their agenda over and over again.

So, without any further ado, start your preparations today with and come out with flying colours!

Jitender Arora