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A lot of people think that the materialistic results will make them happy. They chase over and over the money to buy things to impress other people or prove themselves and its okay to make this experience. But when you achieve these things, you will see that it doesn’t give you happiness.

Real success comes from higher values. It’s the balance between values, success routines, sports, strong relationships, freedom and independence.

When you are on your entrepreneurial journey, don’t settle and always keep in mind these necessary activities in order to keep your mind healthy and your self-image high. As long as you think that your are great, you will be exactly the results of your thoughts. If you lose that state of mind, you will not only lose your self-confidence but also your impression on others.

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Keep the energy high, focus on yourself and love yourself, that’s the only way to allow your business to grow and to love also other people.

It may sound for you very spiritual, but at some point you won’t be able to pursue your road, if you ignore these principles.

It’s not about balance - be willing to dive deep into your dreams and goals, but do it because you want it from inside and not because of the image your chase in the society.