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Fashion Influencer Nikita Karizma: Her Part in Protecting Mother Earth with Her '1 Million Trees' Initiative

Nikita recently started a new project with the Love Peace Harmony Foundation to plant 1 million trees.
Nikita Karizma

Nikita Karizma is a British-Indian fashion designer. She runs her designer brand from her London studio. She is known for her exquisite fashion clothing, vibrant designs, distinctive color, design aesthetics, and beautiful fashion accessories and lifestyle products. 

Nikita’s whole life revolved around fashion, with a family who has been spreading the ‘Karizma’ charm in the fashion industry for three generations. After her graduation, she soon started to earn fame and money, starting with her first order from Little Mix. Since the start of her designer namesake brand, Nikita has been continuously receiving customized orders from one big name to another.

Nikita has always learned from her family business and experiences. Her exposure to the fashion business through her family’s experiences has added a great deal to her skillset. She has access to many resources, suppliers, in-house-tailors, and VIP clients because of her parent’s Asian clothing company. 

Along with creating fantastic fashion wear that adds value to their lives and empowers women through their appearances, Nikita also actively participated in playing her part in her environment. Talking about the ecosystem, Nikita believes that planting a tree is an excellent way for everyone who wishes to contribute to environmental protection. This is due to the fact that trees are critical to the survival of the planet we call home by reducing pollutants.

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Nikita recently started a new project with the Love Peace Harmony Foundation to plant 1 million trees.

Nikita recently started a new project with the Love Peace Harmony Foundation to plant 1 million trees. Simply said, without trees, the Earth would perish. The Love Peace Harmony Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the United States that was formed in 2006. Love Peace and Harmony is a powerful message, frequency, and energy that can be felt when singing and may be used to uplift people, organizations, and communities. 

Protecting the ecosystem is something that organizations all around the world are aware of. The World Economic Forum, for example, started an effort in January 2020 to cultivate, repair, and protect one trillion trees. That is a significant commitment. Nikita encourages her fans and clients to plant a tree through an interesting Instagram filter. “You might not be able to make such a significant change, but every tree matters,” shared Nikita.

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Nikita now works from her London studio, but she has bases in LA as well. She also works with factories and suppliers in Europe and Asia. Her designs cater to the apparel needs of celebrities and influencers and the needs of everyday women. She believes that ‘we are what we wear’ and strives to add more value in every woman’s life through her work.