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If you're considering making a claim but don't want to risk paying legal fees upfront, then the No Win No Fee option could be the deal-maker for you. This payment arrangement means that if your lawyer cannot win your case and secure compensation for you, they won't charge you any litigation fees. That said, some factors need to be considered regarding how it works, how much it costs and which case types it applies to.

How do the typical No Win No Fee lawyers work?

The lawyer is paid a percentage of the winnings, damages or settlement/award. Some attorneys will take as little as 25%, while others will take more than 50%. This is known as the contingent fee, as it is contingent upon the outcome of the settlement (if any). This is different from the hourly costs of the lawyers.

What if my lawyer doesn’t win the case?

If your lawyer doesn’t win the case, you will not be liable for any costs. In most cases, the only thing that can be claimed from you is your deposit and a small amount of administration fees. You will not be liable for their costs. You will also not be responsible for damages or legal fees incurred during the trial or if your case is unsuccessful.

You should note that in some cases, there may still be costs associated with litigation which are not covered by no win, no fee agreements (for example, court filing fees). However, these costs should be minimal compared to those incurred by other types of solicitors. They do not need to recover their total service charges before winning a case against an insurance company or other party who may offer less coverage than they initially thought they had purchased when making their purchase decision.

What other costs might I need to pay a No Win No Fee lawyer?

There may be other costs you need to pay a No Win No Fee lawyer (such as the one offered by These include:

  • fees for preparing documents, such as the Statement of Claim or defence, and sending them to the other side
  • fees for representing you in court (both before and after your case goes to trial)
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  • fees for negotiating with the other side on your behalf, which may happen if mediation is unsuccessful
  • fees for preparing a settlement agreement which would set out how much money each party will get if they agree on a settlement instead of going to trial

Which case types do No Win No Fee apply to?

  • You are entitled to No Win No Fee if you have been injured in a car accident or suffered a personal injury due to someone else's negligence.
  • No Win No Fee is also available if your employer has failed to ensure that you were safe at work, causing personal injury and/or illness.
  • If you are suffering from stress-related illness due to workplace bullying, you may be able to claim compensation and ask for an apology.


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Contingent fees are a great way to save money, but they can be confusing. Understanding the different types of contingent fee arrangements and how these agreements work in practice is essential. This article took into account how the concept works. There are a few services that might not require any fee payments, whereas some others can have hidden charges. It is critical to ensure that such services are selected after proper research on the topic