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When organizations strive to reach their peak in business development, most of them apply to software development technologies, including Node.js. This technology was adopted by a number of global tech leaders such as Uber, eBay, Walmart and Netflix. Want to know how to make good use of IT services? Which way to go – outsourcing or in-house? 


This article covers Node.js outsourcing pros and cons along with internal teams. Both options have advantages and disadvantages for companies, and below we’ll see what might work better especially for you.

First, let’s find out the difference between outsourcing and in-house employment.

In the case of the full-time employees, you call in specialists that you recruit by interviewing, monitoring, and evaluating them. When you choose an outsourcing model of engagement, you address specialized service providers. They provide you with all dedicated talents from a qualified developer to an experienced Project Manager (PM) and Business Analyst (BA).

Outsource Node.js: What You Need to Know

Experts can get work done within the shortest deadline. As a rule, it takes less time to find a necessary specialist for a project.

It has been said that outsourcing involves using the resources provided by third-party organizations to cope with various business tasks. Node.js outsourcing services, in turn, are targeted at boosting and keeping web application performance at its best. You employ outside expertise to regulate the process of web app development and accomplishing your business objectives.

Node.js Outsourcing Pros and Cons

Among all the benefits ofNode.js outsourcing, there are solid reasons to pick this way for your business development:

  • Experts can get work done within the shortest deadline. As a rule, it takes less time to find a necessary specialist for a project.
  • Professionals pay attention to every issue to guarantee tangible results. Most outsourcing providers tend to establish a good reputation and have more returning customers.
  • Cost efficiency and time reducing. You as a business owner can pay the fixed sum of money for the whole project or per hour. This is an alternative to wasting time on interviews, and money on regular wages, office facilities, etc.
  • Flexibility. It’s easy to change the number of team members if you’re planning to scale up the project or have other ideas to develop.
  • Focus on important business issues while a part of your functions are being delegated to professionals.

Now that you know node.js outsourcing benefits, let’s see the downsides to using the resources of an outside organization:

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  • Communication failures. You have to keep in mind time zones and pick the team with a suitable one.
  • You can’t control everything.
  • Outsourcing assistance is provided only if necessary by the prior signing of the contract.

Despite the drawbacks, you can get professional teamwork just by reviewing a list of skilled candidates. With these downsides and upsides of outsourcing in mind, let’s see what you get when you consider an in-house hiring option. 

In-House Team: Pros and Cons

Collecting the in-house team could be an option for the business owners who like to keep everything under 24/7 control. If you choose to work with insourcing technology professionals, here’s what you get as the general advantages:

  • You can control all the processes performing within the company.
  • You provide employees with a chance to develop their specific talents. Later, you get a necessary specialist that is satisfied with their current role in the team.
  • Direct access to the insourcing team allows working on different projects immediately.

Now, what is the flip side here?

  • You spend more. The in-house team is a real privilege that requires serious investment when it comes to recruiting people. Plus, you have to equip your office with a wide range of items and pay decent salaries that qualified experts are worth.
  • Time. Proficient and educated experts aren’t usually easy to find in the job market. They already have a job and don’t like the idea of changing one. So, you have to find a way to attract potential employees. While you hunt professionals, hire them, and collect a high-quality team, your project is on pause.
  • There are more effective ways to run a business. If there’s a platform or an app that can speed up business processes, check out some outsourced services for your day-to-day operations.

It’s clear that the outsourcing vs in-house hiring battle, the former wins. Based on the inhouse and outsourcing advantages and disadvantages, three key factors make outsourcing certain skills to freelancers more appealing: flexibility, expertise, and cost. In each category, outside contractors win. Taking your business tasks off your desk saves the most precious thing that you have – time. Even if you’re not going to be out of business, the greatest value of calling in a trained professional is that you have someone to handle the workload from A to Z, while you can switch to something that you can keep under control.