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Nomos located in Glashutte, a small town south of Berlin near Dresden, is the largest manufacturer of timepieces in Germany. Their timepieces are world famous and they produce more watches than anyone else. Nomos has thirteen watch families and eleven calibers. Here are three Nomos watches which are beautiful, highly precise watches of all time.


1- Club Automatic with Sapphire Crystal Back

Nomos Club is the unisex design offered by the company with a 40mm stainless steel case with sapphire crystal glass back. It is one of the largest watches from Nomos. It looks great on masculine wrist. Dial has beautiful minimalistic design, the dial hands are decorated with bright red inlays while the Nomos DUW 5001 caliber movement keeps the watch running precisely. DUW 5001 caliber is in house built caliber that went into production in 2005 since then it has been ticking accurately. The Club is water resistant and suitable for swimming. This watch comes in a elegant leather pouch to store and take with you on vocations.


2- Lambda Deep Blue

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Lambda Deep Blue is one of the most luxurious and refined watches offered by Nomos. The combination of a dark blue dial, white gold 18 kt case, and horween genuine shell exquisite leather for the strap make this wristwatch appropriate for formal events. It has sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating. The Lambda Deep Blue watch has accurate DUW 1001 hand wound movement with 29 jewels. Once wound it runs for 84-hours. The 42 mm sleek diameter wristwatch is splash resistant. It also has a dedicated power reserve indicator that lets you know who much power reserve is left. This watch comes in a leather wallet that helps in protection.


3- Metro Neomatik

Metro Neomatik is powered by a revolutionary automatic caliber DUW 3001 that is highly precise. Watch starts ticking moments after you wear it and it keeps 43 hours of power backup for the watch to keep it running through the night. DUW 3001 has 27 jewels at its core. It has a bright white dial with many blue color dots representing minutes. The dial has a modern minimalistic design enclosed in stainless steel case with sapphire crystal glass back. Metro is not water resistant; it only carries splash resistance rating.

Outstanding materials are used for the entire watch whether you look at the most noticeable outer’s like case, glass or strap you will get excellent quality feel. It is also beautifully presented in an elegant leather wallet that will keep it safe if not in use.