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sports betting market in California

When you think of tourism in the United States--be it within the country or from overseas--one of the most famous activities to try out is gambling. After all, the US is home to one of the most popular and biggest gambling places in the world, Las Vegas in Nevada. Aside from the high life in Vegas, the states of Atlanta and New Jersey are two other places that are favorites among bettors. But is California a safe place to gamble online?

When it comes to legal states to gamble online, you can rest assured that California is one of them. So, you can at least be at ease that you would not be put behind bars by betting a few dollars on poker, for example. However, there are still several things you need to know about how gambling laws work in the state. With the US having varying laws according to state, it is important to understand how similar and different at the same time things are done in California.

Here are the things you need to know about online gambling in California.

As a bettor, you usually don't need to worry about anything. All you must make sure that you only play on registered casinos--be it land-based or online.

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For the most part, gambling is not an outlawed activity in the state of California. However, the industry has heavy regulation when it comes to land-based gambling and there are a few rules that are particular only to the state. As a bettor, you usually don't need to worry about anything. All you must make sure that you only play on registered casinos--be it land-based or online.

When it comes to online gambling, however, no law will hold you responsible for gambling through any site or app. However, on the side of the casino owners, it is illegal to have your base of operation within California or the entire United States. This is why all sites or apps that you can play on would have their headquarters based in another country, usually somewhere in Asia or Europe.

On using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

From traditional online casinos, Bitcoin casinos are starting to have increased popularity, especially since it gives players the privacy and anonymity that they would prefer having. Working with Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency always sit in a grey area of legal uncertainty. For the most part, the use of BTC and others is not illegal--you can own them, keep them, and use them in purchases wherever it is accepted.

Right now, there is no federal law that outright prohibits the use of BTC for gambling. However, with cryptocurrency always having an ambiguous place when it comes to legality, gambling with it is often met with skeptic eyes from officials.

Also, another concern is when it comes to security and suspicions of criminal and illegal activities when BTC is involved. This is because unlike traditional money or any other form of digital payment, cryptocurrency can be exchanged, paid for, and bought without any trace of personal information on either end of each transaction. However, most of these concerns only stem from the lack of knowledge about Bitcoin and how blockchain technology (which is where cryptocurrency operates) works as a digital ledger.

Before you go

Although you are very unlikely to get in trouble by gambling online in California, you have to always make sure that you only play with registered, licensed, and legitimate online casinos. This is because a reputable site or app is very less likely to resort to malpractice or get in trouble with the law. As a player, this means a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience for you.