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Online gambling industry is changing drastically. The online gaming sector has increased by 147% over the last ten years. H2 Gambling Capital recent research confirmed that gross gaming revenue rose from €17 to €45 during the 2009-2018 period. If you want to find more about gaming trends, read this article as soon as possible.

Online Gambling Industry

Overall availability

Online casinos have never been more accessible. Thanks to the technology advance, internet casinos became available to worldwide users. More young players start playing at online platforms which are followed by more female customers. Only in 2016, there was 33% online players aged 18-24 in the UK.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming became more than popular for customers. Now they can enjoy high-speed connection, wireless internet and increasing use of smartphones and tablets. Mobile casinos are perfectly optimized to provide the same-level experience as the desktop version. When a player is looking for the best NZ online casino no deposit bonus and mobile casino app are considered to be the most popular requirements for online casino.

Mobile gaming allows customers to enjoy favorite casinos where ever they are. Players use the opportunity to engage in casinos in transport, supermarket, and similar places. According to the Rub90 portal research, there has been a 117% growth in mobile customers from 2012 to 2018.

Progressive graphics

With fast-rising technology, customers can enjoy super HD graphics for more excitement and entertainment. Over the past several years, customers could experience 3D technologies in casino games. The games became rich in animation and sound effects.

Software development has also changed over the last decade. Instead of Flash technology, the games are produced in HTML5 format, which allowed the inclusion of vector graphics and animation. The overall gaming image became clearer and more attractive. HTML 5 format adapts gaming experience to device screen resolution and provides players with fast and smooth gaming.

However, innovative technologies not only improved the quality of the games but made them more interesting for gamers. In addition, customers can enjoy numerous bonuses and themes.

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Live casinos and VR

Live casinos are more than the preferred options for customers. They made a real revolution in the online gambling sector. Now you can enjoy favorite games including roulette and poker without visiting a land-based casino. Live casinos are available from the comfort of your home!

New technologies contributed to the creation of immersive live gaming chances. Companies strive to provide state-of-the-art gaming experience with VR technology and equipment. Thanks to the VR headsets, glasses and similar players can experience the atmosphere of the real-time casino. It guarantees exceptional and unforgettable adventure.

Technology and business

Online gambling sector was a pioneer in using innovative technologies. It boosts the benefits for business and contributes to wider investments in gaming. Online casinos started to use blockchain technology to advance the operation. It allows the public to control financial transactions which pass via gambling sites. It means that blockchain casinos cannot influence the result of the game. It contributes to the overall reputation of the gambling sector.

Customers insist on a variety of games. It activates casinos to look for innovative options and including them in the gaming portfolio. Technology made it possible to integrate as much as a possible number of video games in a short period of time. API protocol is a very good example as it allows the inclusion of a number of gaming experiences with only one click.

Payment methods

Online casinos accept various payment methods. Players are particularly interested in blockchain or cryptocurrency which allows reliable and anonymous transactions. Online casinos offer different cryptocurrency options including bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, bitcointrader and similar. Online platforms accept various currencies and customers can make payments in cash, online, ATM, mobile, etc.

Social media

The last decade brought a communication switch from mobile communication to social networks interaction. Online casinos introduced the massive networking trend along with numerous social casinos via Facebook and Vkontakte. Customers can enjoy favorite games and chat with other players.

Gambling industry regularly brings innovative features. It attracts more customers to take part in gaming adventures and enjoy a smooth experience. We expect more changes in the gaming sector and potentially more amusement in the future.

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