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If you are an American who is into gambling, you are probably already aware that the laws and regulations regarding betting in the United States are a little fuzzy and even confusing sometimes. Although the country has laws that are in effect throughout the land and its territories, the government has also given each state the right and power to write, pass, and enact their gambling laws within their area of jurisdiction. The state of California, for one, allows very few select games of gambling, although they are yet to legalize most games that people play.

In California, casino gaming, most sports betting, and localized online gambling and US online casinos are still prohibited and considered illegal. Despite that, its citizens can still play and gamble online through offshore casinos. Considering how huge the market and interest for online gambling is, is the state of California losing a lot when online casinos could be paying taxes to their government? What are the pros and cons of legalizing online gambling in the state?

Gambling laws in California right now

Although the state is yet to join its neighbors in embracing gambling and its online counterpart, it is on its way, at the very least. Since 2018, at least 22 states have legalized gambling and are already enjoying revenue from it. California, on the other hand, is looking to be still skeptical about it.

Although the state is yet to join its neighbors in embracing gambling and its online counterpart, it is on its way, at the very least.

However, two key people in making the push to have gambling legalized would be legislators Senator Bill Dodd and Assembly member Adam Gray. To these advocates, legalizing and ending the criminalization of gambling is a wise move that will only bring benefit to everyone.

“We must bring illegal sports wagering out of the shadows and support our communities with the revenue,” said state Sen. Bill Dodd. “We can’t afford inaction.”

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With these in mind, what are the pros and cons for finally legalizing gambling and online gambling in California?

It would bring big revenue

Revenue is one of the first things that would come to mind. People hiding in the shadows would now be able to freely conduct their activities, in exchange for paying taxes and other fees to the government.

It is estimated that Californians spend around $4 billion in gambling annually. If this money would be taxed by the government and would also increase due to the activity now being publicly recognized, it would help a lot in meeting the deficit and the needs of the state economy.

It will provide jobs for more people

If casino games and sports betting are to be legalized, it would mean that establishment would be built and would provide jobs for more people--from security to the house staff to dealers and casino managers. More jobs for the people are always good news for the economy.

Although legalizing gambling has its pros, it has also several cons--which are only some of the reasons why there are still people opposing its eventual legalization.

Minor gambling

One of the most common problems that arise in a place open to gambling is minors venturing into it. Although there would be clear laws that would allow minors into any form of betting activity, loopholes around it are always being questioned.

Gambling abuse

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Just like every “hobby,” gambling is prone to abuse. It is no longer news to hear of someone who fell into excessive gambling and ended up losing most of what was under their name--if not all. However, some implementable regulations and strategies can help people who are at risk of falling into this negative handling of gambling.