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America has many popular tourist destinations, among which Los Angeles (LA) is distinguished by a special style and color. According to official Wiki data, 3.6+ million people live in LA (one of the largest cities in the United States).

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Geographically, Los Angeles is located in southern California. Here you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, color and attractions.

But Los Angeles is also a California tourist center. Most of the tourists come here to stroll through the "Walk of Fame" or see the legendary "Hollywood" inscription. But some travelers come here to visit different casinos that are associated with luxury and wealth.

Gambling appeared in California during the Gold Rush. During this period, people and expats came to the West to find a new life and a great future. Travelers from different countries brought different traditions and entertainment. So the Gold Rush produced a real gambling BOOM. The players enjoyed the games everywhere. According to the Wiki, renting a small room for a game during this period cost almost $40,000. It describes all the scales of the gambling wave that reached Los Angeles. But the gambling fever did not last long, because the legislature banned these entertainments in California and Nevada.

Online Gambling Situation

People had to forget about risk and excitement. But despite this, players were looking for different ways to return to slot machines and lotteries. So, some gamers have organized not legitimate totes and slot machines. This situation lasted until 2000 when the majority of California residents voted to casino legalization.

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Today, The Bicycle Hotel & Casino is the largest and most successful gaming hall in Los Angeles. This is not only an ultra modern hotel but also a solid casino which is very popular among tourists and locals. In the casino you can find more than 500 excellent slot machines that will give you a lot of payouts. The area of ​​the institution is more than 4 thousand square meters. The bar and high-class restaurant work on site / casino too.

Online Gambling Situation

The development of Internet technologies has had a positive effect on the tourism business in Los Angeles. Here tourists can visit not only real but also virtual casinos that offer more features and options to each player. LA virtual casinos have become popular due to the great features and great bonuses and, you can pay choose the most convenient casino payment method for the US. If you come to LA, then choose a hotel, relax, and enjoy your favorite games. Such entertainment increased the flow of tourists who visited Los Angeles. As a result, the financial situation of the largest city in California has improved. But despite all the advantages and popularity of online business in LA, local authorities oppose online casinos from time to time. Officials care about the players, so they do not want the percentage of gambling addiction in Los Angeles to increase. But on the other hand, this is an additional income to the state treasury. Plus, hundreds and even thousands of tourists come here to visit some of the best virtual casinos. Experts estimate the income from online games in a third of the amount of all legal income.

California Gambling Control Commission continues to monitor the activities of all real and virtual gaming halls throughout the state. The commission website provides all the necessary information about licenses and virtual casinos.

Online Gambling Situation

Despite the controversy, online gambling continues to evolve in Los Angeles and other cities of California state.

Daria Kolobova