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Online Quran Education

For Muslims, Quran is the Divine Word of God and holds a special place in Islam. Every person must read and understand the Quran to be able to live a good and meaningful life.

Quran and Online. Undoubtedly, you must have seldom heard both these words together. When we talk about learning the Quran, we imagine a Madrassa or a Qari, isn’t it? But, did you know online Quran tutoring is becoming a new thing! The reason is simple, the world is taking advantage of the technological boom so why should we not?

Even though to many it might seem a new concept, many people learn Quran online. The biggest reason for this is the convenience it offers and the fact that you can learn from tutors from all over the world. This option ensures you get the best of the best.

Importance of Quran Education

Have you ever thought about why it is important to have proper Quran Education? Why can’t you just recite the Quran and be done with it? Islam has always placed great stress on education. So much so, that the first Surah that was revealed; Surah Iqraa means “to read”.

From this, you can see how important gaining education is. When it comes to Quran, it is a guideline for spending your life. It is the complete code of conduct that Allah Almighty has sent down upon man.

How can you be a better Muslim or know what Allah is saying to you if you are unable to understand the meanings of the words?

Until and unless you don’t understand properly what the Quran is telling you, how can you work on those teachings? How can you be a better Muslim or know what Allah is saying to you if you are unable to understand the meanings of the words?

There is a misconception that all Muslims know Arabic, the language in which the Quran was revealed. This is not true. For those people who don’t understand the language or know what they are reciting, how can it leave an impact on them or how can they even know what they are reading about?


The first and foremost reason why Muslims all over the World learn the Quran is that it is a Farz and is obligatory. Just like prayers, it is expected that you read the Quran daily. So, they are constantly searching for the best teachers and tutors to teach them the Word of Allah Almighty.

  • Way of Life

Another reason why Muslims learn the Quran is that it teaches them the best way to live life according to the teachings of Islam and Allah Almighty. Once you understand and follow the Book of Allah, you will be able to live a fruitful, happy, and just life.

The big question is that can you do this on your own? Sure, if you know how to read Arabic, you think that you have learned Quran, but this is not the case. You need to understand the translation and know what the words mean. This is where Quran tutors come into the picture. They help you read, understand, and even implement the teachings of the Quran in your life.

Who Are Quran Tutors?

In literal terms, a tutor is someone who has command over a subject and teachers others. In the same way, a Quran tutor or Qari is a person who knows the Quran and its teachings and imparts that knowledge to others. Not everyone can claim to be a Quran tutor. It is a proper profession and you need proper certification before you can teach Quran to others.

What if you can’t find a qualified Quran tutor nearby?

The biggest problem most people face nowadays is finding a qualified person to teach the Quran in their locality. Even if you do find a tutor, how can you be sure that they are reliable and qualified?

Moreover, with the pandemic in full swing, it is better not to risk calling someone home. This is the reason why online Quran classes are quickly gaining popularity amongst the masses. Online classes are pretty much the same as physical classes. You can even see the tutor through video calls.

What are the advantages of learning the Quran from online tutors?

When we talk about the advantages of learning the Quran from online tutors, there are many. Let’s see what they are

  1. Flexibility and Comfort

The biggest advantage is the flexibility and comfort it offers. First of all, you have the option of choosing the gender of the Quran tutor. This is something difficult when you opt for learning Quran at home. Female teachers don’t visit homes and getting a male tutor for women and your daughters are not practical in most cases.

Most of the online websites give you the option of picking the gender. Once you are comfortable with the online Quran teachers, learning and understanding the Quran will become much easier.

  • Easy to Switch Tutors

Are you not satisfied with your tutor online? Changing the tutor is just a message away. The online websites have several tutors on their panel to select from. If you are not happy with one, you can always ask for another one. It is no big deal.

  • Time Flexibility

Even though there are predefined classes and set timetables, there is a great chance of time flexibility. If you are taking one-on-one classes, you can always ask to readjust the class if needed. On the other hand, if you are learning from an online Quran tutor with other people, you can ask what you have missed out on.

  • Highly Qualified Teachers

The beauty of online Quran learning is that there are so many options to choose from. You should go for highly qualified tutors with experience of a few years under their belt. If you have read the Quran, you know that it is a book full of stories/accounts. Stories and teaching about the lives of different Prophets etc.

Several questions come to mind when learning the Quran. Therefore, the Quran teacher you pick should answer your questions satisfactorily.

Undoubtedly, a good teacher will make the learning process better, faster and more fun.

  • Self-paced Learning
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With online learning, there is no rush. You are not competing with anyone and you don’t need to complete everything in a few months. You can learn at your own pace. If you are stuck on any Surah, you can always ask the tutor to go over it again with you are asking for a different method of teaching.

Firstly, the course is set after a proper discussion between you and the tutor. So, it is going to be at your convenience. Secondly, making adjustments in the schedule is easy as you are the only person whose schedule needs to be kept in mind.

  • Proper Evaluation

Some people think that studying online will be of no use as there is no assessment method. This is not the case. On the contrary, a good online tutor will surely make sure that you are assessed on what you have learned. For that, you can have weekly assessments, monthly tests, or even exams based on what you have learned in the course. It depends on how the tutor will go about teaching you.

  • No Hassle

What can be better than sitting at home and getting a qualified and certified Quran teacher? The good websites do rigorous background checks before they hire these tutors and you can get this information if you ask them.

Think of it like this, you can log in online, check different forums and get the most highly qualified Quran tutors without moving a muscle. Isn’t that convenient?

  • Cost-Effective

Another advantage is that learning Quran online is cost-effective. All you need to pay is the tuition fee of your tutor and that is about it. There is no transportation cost of going from your home to the tutors or the Madrassa, there is no cost for dressing up as you would usually have if you were visiting them in person.

Moreover, the different packages and courses let you choose the one that is most cost-effective for you. Online Quran education is not expensive in the first place and the knowledge you gain from it is priceless.

  • Options

With online learning, you have a lot of options to choose from. You can be sitting in Egypt and opt for a tutor in Saudi Arabia. This is how it works. Isn’t that cool? You are not bounded by any physical boundaries and can end up with one of the best teachers from across the globe.

Extra Knowledge

In the online method of teaching, there is so much more knowledge you can get access to. Most of the websites through which you look for tutors gives you access to other information like Hadiths, Surahs, and information about the Islamic history

How can you find Quran tutors online?

No doubt Quran learning has become very easy online. There are many different websites, courses, and freelance tutors who are offering their services. To be honest, the plethora of choices can end up confusing you. And this is not the only problem.

Worse comes worse, the tutor you have shortlisted might not even be certified or reliable and you can end up with wrong information about the Quran. So, it is very important to go for a reliable tutor. The easiest way is to opt for websites that you know have strict verification methods and require proper certification and background checks of the tutors they recruit.

Remember, a verified website will help you get a reliable tutor as their reputation depends on user experience. Personally, there are a few things you can do to ensure you don’t get scammed or end up with a tutor who is not qualified enough.

Do Proper Research

The first thing to do is to do proper research. You can ask for referrals or ask people around you who are learning Quran online. Also, searching online is a good way to know who the top websites that are providing tutors online are.

You can also check the reviews of different people who have already taken the courses from there. Try to contact them and talk to them to see how satisfied they were with the online experience.

  • Select a Few

Now the trick is to shortlist a handful of tutors that look reliable. Never immediately settle for one. Once you have a few names on your list, you can check them out and see what people have to say about them before you make a choice.

  • Experience

Generally, it is believed that a more experienced tutor is better. Even though it is true in most cases, it is not always right. A new tutor with no experience can be better than one with a lot of experience. But, when it comes to learning the Quran, we can’t take a risk. It is the Book of Allah after all, isn’t it?

That is why we recommend checking the experience of the tutor. A more experienced one means that he/she teaches better or has more clientage.

  • Language Barrier

Your online tutor can be the best in the world and still you will not benefit fully if you don’t have a common language. If you can’t communicate with him/her, ask questions and queries, how will you be able to understand?

So, it is very important to see that there is no language barrier between you and your Quran tutor.


Undoubtedly, Online Quran Education is a fairly new concept that is gaining popularity because of the convenience, ease of understanding, and extensive knowledge the Quran tutors are bringing with them.

Your experience depends largely on the online tutor you opt for. In our guide, you can easily see how to pick one and benefit from this method of learning.

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