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Oren B. Segal

Oren B. Segal is a freelance model, digital marketer, and student of cybersecurity. He has a strong mentality of staying focused regardless of what people say about him. Oren, with a positive mindset, wants to spread kindness to change the world for the better. He has been full of fun right from when he was a teenager, and he is willing to share this with the world.

Oren began playing the violin in a public school in New York. He has a lot of interest in music, so he had to endure being transferred to an orthodox Jewish day school. Oren pursued his music career with a focus on violin performance after graduation. His effort paid off because he became so good that he got the opportunity to perform on a big stage. Oren showcased his music skills when he performed with Kronos Quartet, a world-renown.

Oren likes to be unique, he prefers to stand out among the crowd. This is one of what triggers his curiosity for fashion. He has always opined never to conform to general views. Oren makes his decisions based on his intuition and creativity. The result is not far-fetched as Oren graduated with a first-class from high school. He is open-minded, which has helped him attain knowledge and skills in many life areas, including fitness.

Based on his passion for fitness, he began working at Tone House. Oren developed a passion for fitness and helped them elevate their content. Given the disruption caused by Covid-19, Oren is considering joining the US Navy. Oren acknowledged that fashion and modeling have kept him going because he has been driving the force of attention. Being in his early phases, Oren is hopeful for what lies ahead of him. Despite claiming that the bar gets raised higher, Oren would never give up on doing unique things.

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Oren advises that no one should follow a herd of people because nothing good comes from it. Success, in many cases, requires that you do something differently and amazingly. It doesn’t matter what you do; you must learn to be distinguishable from others. Oren uses his fashion and blogging content to engage the audience. That is his way of inspiring people and giving back to society.