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Oriol Vingut

One emerging giant in the field of buy and sell in the 21st century is online commerce or what many refer to as eCommerce (electronic commerce). This is a business model that lets firms, businesses and even individuals buy and sell things over the internet. This business space operates in four major market segments: Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Consumer to Consumer, and Consumer to Business. Since transactions are operated and conducted over computers, tablets, and mobile phones, eCommerce may be thought of like a digital version of mail-order catalog shopping. Many successful entrepreneurs have been generating massive income from this space. Some of whom have even started their own training and coaching business to help others learn and understand the ins and outs of eCommerce.

One name known to many, especially in the spanish-speaking market, is Ecom Conquistadores - a team of eCommerce experts and specialists working together towards the same goal in helping advance their students to the next level. Ecom Conquistadores trains and equips their students with all the essential methods, tools, systems and support designed to help them start making 5 figures or more in the first 30 days.

Teaching and showing students the 3-step process designed to help them build an online brand in 30 days that generates 5 figures or more

Heading this team of expert trainers and coaches is the company’s CEO, Oriol Vingut. a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur who made $3 million in just 12 months through the eCommerce market space by applying engineering principles. Oriol and his team at Ecom Conquistadores are now running the business fast-paced with more and more Spanish-speaking students and entrepreneurs joining their community each day.

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Aside from the scientific and engineering side of the program, their courses are also designed to improve the mindset of their students geared towards helping them become more competent by honing their personal and client problem management. This helps students navigate the world a little bit differently in a more successful fashion which greatly helps in increasing possibilities of finding success. More importantly, this technique assists students focus despite a very noisy social media environment. The very core of their program is to improve their students’ ability to think critically and decide based on logic, not emotions, so they can focus on the right business actions and decisions like improving their ads, products and customer experience.

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Oriol Vingut’s 8-week training and coaching is based on 2 real case studies which he reveals to some of his online commerce brands. With Case Study #1 turning over $1.3 million in just 7 months and Case Study #2 turning over $450K in just 20 days (with profit approx. 25%). Ecom Conquistadores sees to it that their students really see the behind the scenes to make a living from online commerce and how their success stories started, how Oriol Vingut climbed with FB Ads and managed all the operations on his own over the internet.

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