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How Otaku Origins Is Incorporating Anime to Catapult Their NFT Project Into the Metaverse

Numerous well-known anime characters heavily influence all 5,000 unique Otaku Origins NFTs.
Otaku Origins

Since 2021, NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have taken over the digital market through unconventional and distinctive qualities. In the first half of 2021 alone, NFTs managed to scrape a whopping four billion dollars in sales, later tripling the amount in the second half of the year with Hollywood and famous brands like Gucci and Coca Cola joining the digital phenomena and providing these non-fungible tokens a new level of exposure.

As the market continues to show exemplary growth over the past month, plenty of brands have taken this significant opportunity to introduce their exclusive projects to the world to come out on top despite the industry being competitive in more ways than one.

Launching their non-fungible tokens is just the beginning of a long and fruitful year for the people behind Otaku Origins. According to the project's intricate lore, Otaku Origins follows the journey of 5,000 individuals who were sucked into the Otakuverse. They then acquired distinct superpowers and weapons along the way.

Numerous well-known anime characters heavily influence all 5,000 unique Otaku Origins NFTs. Each NFT is algorithmically generated from a random combination of over two hundred beautifully-drawn traits across eight categories which significantly influences the NFT's rarity, power, and distinctness.

Numerous well-known anime characters heavily influence all 5,000 unique Otaku Origins NFTs.

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Inhabiting the Solana blockchain, each Otaku NFT is a 1 of 1 digital collectible that simultaneously acts as the holder's ticket into the Otaku Indie DAO or decentralized autonomous organization and the world that the founders have created.

"Using the characters we have designed, we will build out a full world," the developers share, further explaining that the world, dubbed as Otakuverse, is community-driven and managed by the brand's very own DAO. It would seem that the project's scope is beyond just acquiring an Otaku NFT collectible as holders will have direct involvement in influencing the story of the team's future comic book series.

In addition, as members of the decentralized autonomous organization, holders will vote on funding and supporting emerging indie authors and artists to publish their comic series and create further storylines, immersive games, and experiences for the Otakuverse. Along the way, each Otaku NFT holder will have the chance to receive special NFT airdrops derived from the funded authors' creative process, proof that each holder's decision will directly impact how the project will grow.

The upcoming comic book tells of a riveting story revolving around the NFTs and their fight to escape the Otakuverse. Comprising twelve main characters, rarest among the NFT collection, holders will have the opportunity to vote on certain story elements that would help define the outcome of the fights, essential plot points, and character details.

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The team will release a video game inside the digital space that strongly focuses on PVP mechanics. Currently, they are collaborating with a Canadian game developer to produce a beta that holders could participate in in the future. Furthermore, the comic book story is incorporated into the game to truly feel the immersion.

To learn more about Otaku Origins, head to their official website. You may also check their Instagram, Twitter, and Medium for more updates.