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The power of massage therapy has been fueling the passion and pursuits of athletes for years. Vibration therapy has been creating a lot of buzz within the fitness community. This type of intense area-focused therapy provides rapid bursts of pressure into the muscle tissue, promising to not just heal problem areas but also strengthen them. With big names in the fitness industry, such as MMA Grand Slam champion Cris Cyborg, proclaiming the use of massage gun vibration therapy as essential to the future of fitness, every new model of massage gun is highly anticipated. Enter the OYeet NEX PRO the newest edition to the growing array of massage guns on offer.

The company has worked with professionals in the sporting and athletic world to craft a piece of equipment that aims to provide fitness enthusiasts with a high-performance portable treatment.

According to OYeet, the company has worked with professionals in the sporting and athletic world to craft a piece of equipment that aims to provide fitness enthusiasts with a high-performance portable treatment. The massage gun’s ability to provide portable vibration in the fast-paced world of sport has been heralded as the innovation that is set to transform the world of athletics. The ability of a massage gun to hyper-target areas of muscles in the body offers a certain specification and nuance to body training which the world of sport hasn’t previously seen. The first iterations of massage tools focused on myofascial massage and were unable to offer specific treatment to problem areas. This left physical sports massage to reign supreme as the most effective option for massage treatment. As a carefully designed massage tool, the massage gun has the ability to replace myofascial massage tools such as foam rollers and offer athletes a more streamlined portable solution to massage treatment. The power of a percussion massage gun lies in its multipurpose abilities as it can also be used as a warm-up or recovery tool. By promoting blood flow and increasing flexibility, the massage gun can become a support for warm-ups as well as cool-downs.

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The features of NEX PRO are varied and aim to appeal to athletes of both beginner and pro levels and aid in assisting both their strength and recovery. OYeet has released that the NEX PRO will offer four-speed modes with one-button control. The speed modes will range from 1400ppm to 3500ppm and aim to put the power of the massage session in the hands of the athlete, allowing the use of the gun as a warm-up tool or a recovery aid depending on the speed chosen by the user. A loop mode will allow the user to commence the speed of the gun at 1400ppm and then gradually increase it to 3500pp without having to interact with the controls. The upcoming OYeet NEX PRO is looking to outdo its competitors by providing eight different attachments with the massage gun.

One of those competitors is the Theragun Pro the percussive massage tool that is credited with igniting the fitness community’s interest in being able to undergo massage treatment at home and on the go. OYeet’s NEX PRO is hoping to live up to the anticipation its launch has created and surpass the Theragun Pro as the most recognizable portable massage tool on the market. Hoping to win over those who are new to incorporating the massage gun into their fitness routine, OYeet has clearly aimed to create a massage gun that hopes to easily fit into the lives and gym bags of pro and casual athletes. One of the greatest skills that an athlete can possess in every sense of the word is flexibility. Those in training need to be flexible enough to be ready to use any unexpected downtime as an opportunity to either train the body or offer it healing treatment. Portable massage guns have taken this into account with their compact and versatile design which aims to be lightweight and easy to add to a gym bag without weighing it down.

Most massage guns, the OYeet NEX PRO included offer an ergonomic design based on engineered fiberglass and liquid silicone rubber. Much has been made of the ability of massage guns to be recharged anywhere, a feature that has helped to build a buzz around the tool and present it as the perfect portable workout aid. In order to continue this trend and remain as portable and flexible as possible, the newest massage guns offer charger functions that use a simple USB cable, offering convenient charging on the go. It is possible that the OYeet NEX PRO is being considered one of the most awaited pieces of sports gear releasing in 2021 because it is aiming to incorporate all of the popular features of current massage guns on offer.

The OYeet NEX PRO will join not just their previous massage gun the NEX, but also a wide range of other massage guns on the market. Each of these massage guns has gathered converts and detractors, as each of them has both strengths and weaknesses in both their performance and design. The VYBE personal massage gun has proved popular due to its compact size but the company itself admits that the gun is noisier than most while getting the job done. In contrast, the Hyperice Hypervolt Portable Massage Device advertises itself as being one of the quietest massage guns on the market but might not suit athletes on a budget. Though the massage gun market is well catered to it is not by any means oversaturated and there remains room for new and innovative models on the market.

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The OYeet NEX PRO clearly hopes to provide what athletes are looking for within a portable percussive massage tool. With the steady rise in popularity of massage guns, the NEX PRO faces competition to be the tool chosen to support athletes in their fitness journey. But with its promise of portability and power, it is clear that the OYeet NEX PRO is ready to face that competition.