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Paragons NFT Breathes Life to the Paraverse— Plans Play To Earn and Metaverse Functionalities

The Paragons NFT collection will also feature an array of mystical characteristics.
Paragons NFT

The NFT movement has brought to life a whole new multiverse of its own, breeding alternate digital realities with every release. One new NFT collection looks to bring to life a whole new world called the Paraverse, which will feature all sorts of functions and experiences. The collection is called Paragon, and it’s coming this 2022.

Out of the thousands of new non-fungible token projects, Paragons NFT has its reasons to shine and stand out. For one, it’s a ticket to its digital ecosystem—the Paraverse. This virtual reality will have all kinds of capabilities for its community for fun and profit. For example, the Paraverse will introduce a play-to-earn mechanic via a native ERC-20 token that will allow holders to stake coins for passive income and gain free NFT drops as they come in. There will also be an opportunity to mint future NFTs through the collector’s resources through their initial token mints.

From an artistic perspective, the Paragons NFTs are also on another level. Each artwork holds unique traits that its artists deliberately thought of and brought to life. The digital art collection features renowned digital artist SPACE, who is best known for his surreal artworks online. He has launched multiple artworks online that have become the art community’s rave. Before entering the NFT space, the artist did tour visuals for personalities like Camila Cabello and Machine Gun Kelly. He has also worked on projects with famous YouTuber Jake Paul and scorer Junkie XL.

The Paragons NFT collection will also feature an array of mystical characteristics.

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The Paragons NFT collection will also feature an array of mystical characteristics. These include crypto-themed jewelry, planet rings, and some aspects and themes inspired by timeless artworks that have stood the test of history. The collection has a total of 9,424 NFTs.

The pre-sale of the collection will be on January 28, and its public sale will be on January 29. The hype is real as people have already started flocking to their online channels and servers. The collection’s Discord server alone already has more than 14,000 members awaiting the mint release. At the core of this NFT collection is a three-dimensional web application experience called the Paraverse, which NFT holders will be able to access via their internet browsers. The virtual world will become a space for its community to connect and collaborate. People will also be able to use the space for commercial purposes, trading and staking tokens within the community and helping each other flourish.

NFTs and Metaverse applications have become the crown conversation all throughout 2021. Millions of people have turned to these blockchain-based applications to build identities, decentralized communities, and wealth. Non-fungible tokens are pieces of art attached to units of cryptocurrency that give each piece a unique value of its own. These contracts have generally appreciated with the rising demand, building their holders’ net worth through time.

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Paragons NFT hopes to build a whole new ecosystem for people to have fun and make a profit. It’s also launching a DAO and community vault to ensure token longevity and provide more incentives to its holders.

To learn more about Paragons NFT, visit its official website or join the Discord server.