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Parham Yashar

Our bodies would be problem-free for the rest of our lives in an ideal world. Age, injury, and sickness, on the other hand, can all cause medical issues. Fortunately, contemporary medical treatments enable us to provide our patients with life-changing pain alleviation.

Everyone is entitled to a pain-free life. Dr. Parham Yashar backs up this belief with his innovative and pioneering non-surgical spine procedures and a one-of-a-kind commitment to patient care.

Dr. Parham Yashar is an Iranian-American neurosurgeon with a long list of academic and professional achievements and credentials. Becoming a doctor was his lifelong dream which strengthened when he got into a medical magnet program at Van Nuys high school. He pursued his dream and studied medicine at the Feinberg school of medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago. Prior to that, he graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA with an honors degree in Cybernetics and a minor in Education Studies.

Dr. Parham Yashar is an Iranian-American neurosurgeon with a long list of academic and professional achievements and credentials.

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During his residency in Neurological Surgery at LAC+USC Medical Center, Dr. Yashar also proceeded with an internationally-recognized Endovascular Fellowship under the mentorship of Dr. L. Nelson Hopkins, Dr. Elad I. Levy, and Dr. Adnan H. Siddiqui at the University at Buffalo. His sole purpose in pursuing medicine was to help people get the best possible treatments and support them in the crucial times of their lives when they were already ill. To meet his goal, Dr. Yashar left a group practice in neurosurgery and started his own office in Beverly Hills--practice is aptly named, Yashar Neurosurgery.

As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Yashar considers it his responsibility to offer patients all of the information they require in order to provide them with the most appropriate treatment for their illness. He spends as much time as necessary with each patient, explaining the illness and going over the details of their imaging studies so that they could actually be active participants and comprehend the medical concerns. Dr. Yashar also endeavors to provide them with the best yet least invasive neurosurgical techniques possible in order to provide them with the best surgical care possible when surgery is required.

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His remarkable expertise covers a massive range of minimally invasive spinal surgical procedures of both the cervical and lumbar spine, neurological surgeries for Cerebral vascular conditions, spine conditions, neurosurgical trauma, and general cranial neurosurgical conditions. He has double board certifications that he received during his fellowship. He is also a fellow of the prestigious society, the American College of Surgeons (FACS). Due to his tremendous hard work and dedication to his field, Dr. Yashar has been listed as a rising star and named in the list of Super Doctors for numerous years. He has also been interviewed several times by newspapers and television media, including, Yahoo! News, kcal/CBS news, Fox 11 news, people magazine, E! News, and many more!