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Is PC gaming dying? With the next generation of consoles soon to hit stores, namely the PS5 and Xbox Series X, there is speculation that PC gaming has been in a state of decline over the past several years. The technology to help keep the PC community may have stagnated due to Intel dominating the market with the I series processors for several years, with no real significant changes. Some would argue that there has been no real technological innovation to move the community forward.

PC Gaming Really Dying

Is PC Gaming Really Dying?

Contrary to popular belief, the opposite is true, and PC gaming remains strong to this day. Several triple AAA titles are PC-exclusive that you wouldn’t find on other gaming platforms, such as StarCraft II, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: GO. Also, there are indie titles sold through digital platforms like Steam and GOG, where gamers would be able to purchase at discount prices. Games sold at retail stores average between $40 to $60, which is a heavy sum of money for a triple AAA title. Companies that sell console games make extra money off DLCs on top of what’s already made off the physical game copies themselves.

When it comes to PC games, the frequency of discounts doesn’t occur as often on the consoles in comparison to their PC counterparts, where you can purchase quality titles for a fraction of the cost of physical games sold at brick and mortar locations. The fact that large entities such as Blizzard Entertainment, Valve, Activision, and other corporations are serving as sponsors pumping money into eSports competitions. Prize pools amount into the millions, with 2018 totaling $158 million alone. These pools will only increase as eSports become more mainstream in the years ahead.

In truth, PC gaming isn’t that expensive, and you can do a lot more with gaming PCs and laptops compared to gaming consoles.

Video gaming isn’t always binary when it comes to the choice of gaming platforms since there are many options to choose from. Then it gets more complicated for gamers who own multiple consoles. In truth, PC gaming isn’t that expensive, and you can do a lot more with gaming PCs and laptops compared to gaming consoles. Decent gaming laptops sell for $1000 or less, with hardware good enough to run games between medium to high resolutions. The equipment that makes up gaming consoles are x86 processors with a graphics card, and hard drive slapped into a plastic chassis. Some titles are multi-platform, and you can swap save files if you own multiple platforms. This specific fact essentially makes gaming consoles low-end PCs that are easy for consumption.

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On top of gaming, you can do video and photo editing, mod your games, office work, and business functions that consoles are generally not designed for. The gloom and doom commentary of the coming death of PC gaming by official publications and commentators alike is nothing new. If we posed the question of PC gaming dying to gamers themselves, many would tell you the opposite is happening based on everything described here. Devices such as the Oculus rift adds an extra depth by immersing players into a life-like 3-dimensional gaming experience like never before.

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Since there are PC games along with power-packed rigs to run them still circulating through the market, there is no shortage of either to be happening any time soon. Any concern about stagnation is of little concern since indie titles are coming in regularly in addition to highly-anticipated triple AAA titles. Esports competitions, the addition of 3D apparatuses to enhance the gaming experience, and the capabilities of PCs themselves will keep PC gaming alive and going in the years ahead.

Scott Keever