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Finding the right team to lead any company is extremely difficult: it takes the perfect blend of strategy, attention to detail, and even a bit of luck. The leaders at Longship Group are a team of individuals in whom every employee of the organization can take pride. They bring a unique set of skills to the table, perfectly complementing each other’s capabilities and creating a well-rounded atmosphere of thought leadership.

Business-savvy and never afraid to take a chance, Chief Executive Officer Zach Collier leads the organization with tenacity and determination. He has an innate entrepreneurial mindset, having already started his own company prior to taking the helm at Longship Group. He has worked extensively in the human capital field for multiple years, assisting organizations in making strategic decisions to find the best fit for their needs.

Formerly Longship’s Chief Operating Officer, Jen Infante recently stepped into the role of Chief Revenue Officer to lead Longship Group through its ambitious revenue growth goals in both the short and long term. With over 20 years of experience in the staffing industry and the perfect skill set to manage multi-million-dollar P&Ls, Jen empowers investors, clients, and staff of Longship Group to feel confident in the organization’s growth targets.

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Nga Vu serves the company as Vice President of Finance and Accounting, ensuring that accounting, finance, and payroll all operate seamlessly. This is an especially important role due to the shared services that Longship Group provides its clients. Nga has over 10 years of experience supporting the financial side of staffing and has worked extensively in travel nursing organizations, making her the perfect fit to support Longship Group’s three major verticals.

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Together, the leadership team has built an environment that encourages input and collaboration from all levels of the organization. They know that Longship Group will take its best form when those closest to the company are factored into its business strategy efforts. Not all leadership teams can say the same, but Longship Group continues to be an example of what is possible with the right leadership at the top.

Though the industry is fast-paced and supporting staffing efforts across many organizations can be a challenge, the leaders at Longship are committed to helping propel their own teams within the organization. With extensive mentorship programs, opportunities to try multiple roles, and a safe, collaborative environment, employees at Longship Group can remain confident that their career progression is of the utmost importance to their leaders.