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Personalize Everything

It can be a daunting task to pick decor for the wedding. There are various platforms online to look for inspiration but they can make your wedding look like everyone else’s. Other than that the ideas might not be appropriate for your budget, style, taste, place, weather etc. thus you need something to suit your world and also the kind of decor which will stand the test of time, like the crystal chandeliers.

For a timeless wedding the first thing to think of is the decorations. Something which is stylish rather than fashionable as fashion fades but style remains eternally, for example the rain drop pendant lights. Best decorations reveal your personality. You can choose the beautiful seasonal flowers to make the environment delicate looking and pleasant smelling.

Flowers will add natural colour to the wedding and they are considered mood uplifting too.

Flowers will add natural colour to the wedding and they are considered mood uplifting too. Do not think of overdoing it as when it comes to floral decor, less is more. You should keep it simple and seasonal. Do not go for imported floral decor. Look for seasonal flowers to give a soft, delicate texture.

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Lighting also plays an important role all over. The Chandelier can be a win-win situation with it acting not only as a light source but also looking like a lit installation, especially the candle style chandeliers. It can lend a magical experience to the overall look of the decor.

The pendant lights can lend a beautiful, warm light to the ambience. The soft and flattering modern pendant lights can look fancy as well as elegant, especially creating an intimate atmosphere as is required in such special occasions.

When thinking of centerpieces, think of eye-level or lower centerpieces as they are timeless, classic and elegant which will make the room look beautiful without dominating the other decor materials. Next go for a classic invitation with black engraved on pearl white. You can have each guest’s name in handwritten calligraphy.

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If you like you can decide on a theme to make it easier for you and your family to select the decor. You can even give the decor, invitations etc a personal touch by using handmade products and handwritten notes respectively to style the wedding. Personalisation never goes out of style and it will also make everything unique about your wedding. Handmade things are always special, classic and an idea that can never go out of style. It is best to personalize everything from decorations, invitation, tablecloths to napkins.

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