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The smooth design of an onboarding software which makes everything look gleaming, clean, and straightforward, will make people feel more comfortable using it, but it isn't always the most crucial feature. If the cheap software doesn't have a robust onboarding procedure, it never saves money. How do you choose the right onboarding software? What characteristics distinguish successful employee onboarding software? This post shall help you find the most ideal onboarding software.

Onboarding Software

Onboarding remote workers are distinctive from onboarding onsite workers. Virtual employee onboarding through a computer screen can be fair as compelling as conventional onboarding is done in an office. Although onboarding is an important element of the employee lifecycle, statistics reveal that organizations are still failing to provide excellent experiences for new hires. Platforms like eLearning Industry are providing a couple of onboarding software to find, choose and compare among top onboarding software to give the employee a better experience.

When looking for new onboarding software, we often go by showy designs with lovely colors and affordable prices. However, there are some important considerations that you should consider before buying onboarding software.

Compatible & Adaptable

For your employees to accomplish other responsibilities after joining, your employee onboarding software should be compatible with other programs and platforms. E-signing documents, interaction with third-party tools, online survey/feedback platforms, calendars, notes, and other features are among them. If your onboarding software isn't adaptable, neither can your process. Make sure you invest in only one suitable tool to avoid any confusion that could arise from using many tools.

Check The Review

Check all review sites, such as eLearning Industry, to choose and compare, to review customer testimonials on the websites, and other forums, like Quora, Reddit, Spiceworks, etc., before demoing the items that made it to your vendors-of-interest list. Look for the comments section below. Examine their social media presence to discover how responsive they are to customer inquiries.

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Examine All Possibilities

Examine every available alternative that meets all of your requirements. Gain a thorough grasp of how the solution works. Don't forget to convey your goals to the Pre-sales representative on the other end. Inquire about how the strategy will benefit you. Learn about the resources available to help you bridge the gap. Allowing Pre-RFPs to interfere with your search for employee onboarding software may prevent you from conducting a thorough study and may limit your thought process.

Review Pros & Cons of The Onboarding Software

Before deciding on an onboarding software, weigh the benefits and drawbacks. Always take a close look at the system's capabilities. To make the process go more smoothly, the software should have a detailed onboarding template. The documents should be stored on a single centralized platform for easy access. It should improve an employee's onboarding experience. The program should ease the work of an hr management team by automating operations.

Choose The Onboarding Program With Better Process

Choose an onboarding program that handles the offboarding process well. Notifications and alerts must be sent to the relevant staff by the software. The software must take responsibility for the exit details and legalities. After an employee is off-boarded, the system disables their access to business software. To avoid legal issues, the program should provide total transparency during the offboarding process.


Gamifying the onboarding process will make it more enjoyable and exciting. It will make an otherwise tedious procedure more interactive. It increases employee involvement in your onboarding process and allows new workers to track their progress using technology. Offer concepts for developing incentives that are consistent with your business image and fun while keeping an eye on the development. Organizations that made their onboarding process more gamified experienced an increase in engagement.

Error Free

It is never a question of whether machines are more accurate than people. When you use an onboarding tool to manage the overall process, you're saving, consolidating, and retrieving data from the computer, which will help you avoid problems. As a result, automated workflow improves process accuracy.

Final Thoughts

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When you uncover an amazing onboarding solution, the last thing you want to do is try to integrate it into your existing technology and discover it doesn't fit. You'll notice an increase in productivity after you select the perfect tool and integrate it into your current routine. Rather than hoping that your new purchase will work with your current processes, incorporate these questions into your employee onboarding software selection process. Find out what integrations your onboarding platform has and if it's open to integrating with other software platforms. Move on if it's proprietary or doesn't work a treat with others.