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Online casinos are widespread across the world as entertainment hubs. Surprisingly, India, which happens to be one of the most populous nations globally, doesn't have laws to support gambling.

Even with the restrictions, the country seems to have one of the largest gambling sectors in the world. Today, the Indian gambling industry is the most valuable, estimated at 900 million dollars. Sadly, a considerable number of this revenue comes from illegal gambling.

Every day, gamblers have to go through a lot trying to place their bets in online casinos.

The gambling scene is a bit dicey to navigate. Every day, gamblers have to go through a lot trying to place their bets in online casinos. Therefore, there's a lot to learn for new players entering the scene. As a newbie trying to understand the online casino industry in India, you will find this article informative.

1. Not all online casinos accept rupees.

Gambling is not so legal in India. Different states have their laws as regards gambling, but the majority of them consider it illegal. That means people cannot start casinos in these states. As a result, many of the online casinos that you find in such states are foreign-owned. Since these foreign casinos offer their services outside the shores of India, they do not technically break the gambling laws of India. You won't have any issues with these foreign casinos if you find a genuine one except for payments.

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Because of the Indian laws on gambling, most Indian banks will not allow you to make direct transfers to online casinos. Also, not all online casino accepts Indian rupees. To get around this issue, you can use e-wallet payment options like Neteller, Skrill, etc. To make things easier for you, this is a list containing top casinos that accept Indian rupees.

2. There are different games to choose from

Just like there are so many people, there are so many games to play in online casinos. So as a new player, you need to explore your options to find the best game suited for you. Online casinos in India offer internationally accepted games like Poker, Blackjack, and many more. You will also be pleased to know that there are lots of indigenous Indian gambling games for you to play and enjoy as well. Several casinos allow you to choose from exotic games and local indigenous games. So, when you are ready to find the best online casino, ensure that you pick the casino that offers the games you love.

3. All websites are not the same.

This might seem obvious from the onset since most websites have distinct names. However, the difference we talk about is the type of service offered by these casinos. While some casinos offer sports bets alongside other betting sites, some others do not offer sports betting. Also, you cannot trust all websites. Some websites out there are fraudulent and will only steal your money or do even worse. The sad part is, the fakes look a lot like the original. So, as a new gambler in India, you must take your time while selecting a casino where you will place your bets. First, you need to be sure the casino is not a scam, and after that, you need to be sure that the casino offers the exact type of service you need. Also, ensure to read reviews to see how they handle their customers. Some websites do not release withdrawals instantly. Some others give very stringent conditions for their withdrawals.

4. Look for the best bonuses.

To encourage players, most online casinos welcome Indian players with large bonuses. As an Indian player, a new registration will earn you a large sum of money and some free spins. In most cases, the bonuses are paid as a matched percentage of the amount you deposit. This type of bonus is called a deposit bonus, and depending on the casino, the casinos might pay it in installments.

Depending on the casino, you might even get more from being a loyal player. Most casinos have a unique reward scheme they call VIP scheme. In such schemes, players who frequently play at the casino get points that count towards stages in the scheme. The more points players get in the scheme, the more their chances of getting massive rewards. Also, some casinos allow players to sell the points they have acquired from the scheme.

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Now you know some things about gambling in India, you can now go ahead and start playing. Keep in mind; research is vital. Ensure that you keep researching at every stage of the way when you are not sure of what to do.