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playing Plinko

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Plinko is one of the most unique games that you can find in some online casinos. It has an easy gameplay so it is acclaimed by both seasoned and beginner players. It is the digital version of the same game that was first seen in the TV show ‘The Price is Right’ way back in 1983.

Inspired by the popular pachinko machines in Japan, Plinko became a big name and punters of all sorts have wanted to try it out as well. What was once a game in a TV show is now integrated into online casinos so that bettors can try something unique.

When playing Plinko, players can spot a whole maze of pins at top of which the ball will fall on.

Plinko has two versions for punters to choose from as well. It is also offered by two developers, BGaming and Spribe. The BGaming version has a max payout of $100,000 while the Spribe version offers up to $55,500 but has a lower minimum for a lot of beginners.

Learning how to play Plinko

When playing Plinko, players can spot a whole maze of pins at top of which the ball will fall on. The ball would then make its way in the maze as it gets all the way to the bottom in a coloured box, which will determine the payout.

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Depending on the casino, the bet size ranges from at least $0.10 to $2,500 in just one go. The number of pins is also set by the player and it determines the number of lines of pins that will appear on the board once players start.

Difference between each version

In the BGaming version, there is a chance that the ball will drop in eight to 16 lines while the Spribe version can go for 12, 14, or 16 lines. The more lines on the board, the more pins there will be and it will be hard to win just to go for a higher payout.

In the Spribe version, players can also pick the coloured box and its multiplier where they think the ball will land. Red offers the biggest range but has a lower odds of giving out a win for players. All players need is a multiplier of more than one to make a profit from their wagers.

Choosing a ball colour in Plinko is almost the same as picking a slot with high volatility where players are rewarded for taking a risk. With the right colour of the ball, punters can either go for a lot of bigger wins or short and small ones.

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Plinko is a game that everyone would love to play. This is also considered as an alternative to online slots due to its easy gameplay and results that mostly rely on chance rather than strategy.

To sum it up, this arcade game is a great find for online casino beginners who want an easy yet exciting betting time online. Whether it is the BGaming or Spribe version of the game, bettors can enjoy online Plinko anytime and anywhere.