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As America bled tears over the murder of George Floyd in 2020 by the hands of a police officer, it put many many activists in debates about the country's future. We thought it would end here, but there have been even more similar incidents since then. Dr. Lisa Collins is a playwright and filmmaker who observed these unfolding events and produced Be Careful What You Ask For (2020), which remains an authentic short film up-to-date.

Dr. Lisa has been working in racial relations for many years. She provides organizational and individual support to recover from racial trauma. Having experienced the people of color's dilemma with surviving the dominant white organizations, Lisa took up the role to educate and heal them through love.

As a researcher, she recognized Oregon's existing ignorance of racial relations. No one has ever researched these racial differences, except Lisa, who based her doctorate study on it. She worked day and night to compile authentic research with pragmatic methodologies and results.

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This doctorate study defined Lisa's future career as a Life Coach and Filmmaker. She became a director of a consulting firm, Education Through Engagement, LLC, to do life coaching for organizations. Her research methodologies prove to be practical for many individuals.

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Be Careful What You Ask For is a critically acclaimed short film that pays tribute to Jason Erik Washington, a black man murdered by the Portland State University officers for his racial identity. The world saw this frightening sight with their eyes, and many people of color continue to feel unsafe and angered by the consistent loss of life.

As Americans marched on the streets in solidarity and justice for Jason, Lisa took out her notebook to write the script for the short film. This film didn't move in circles to prove a point, but a direct conversation between two white people about the injustice in the society against Black Americans. When asked why Lisa chose a white couple as the main protagonists for the dialogue film, the filmmaker explained, "To be quite honest, if the actors were Black, it wouldn't have the same weight."

Having worked with many organizations and taught in many public school systems, Dr. Lisa unveiled the actual realities of a multicultural society. Be Careful What You Ask For depicts an eye-opening conversation that leaves the audience to self-reflect on their actions. Her film comprises lines inspired by people's daily conversations, and it deepens the impact.

Be Careful What You Ask For was recently showcased at the Robinson Film Awards International Film Festival and Portland Film Festival. Lisa continues to write plays. Her latest work is stage plays: HWY 8 and Lunch Room that touch upon the same idea. According to Lisa, these plays and short films can initiate conversations and debates over race discrimination or other challenges that continue to exist in American society even today.

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Watch Be Careful What You Ask For here and follow Playwright Lisa on Instagram for the latest update on her upcoming stage plays.