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On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially classified the Covid-19 outbreak as a global pandemic. Ironically enough, the announcement was made on World Plumbing Day, a day created to celebrated one of the sectors that would be most severely affected by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. The spread of the virus has, in fact, resulted in large-scale job losses and severe economic damage. Nationwide job listings for maintenance and repair workers such as plumbers declined by 16% between February and April. As the pandemic continued to intensify, job security became increasingly scarce, and countless tradesmen had to briskly adapt to a ‘new normal’.

Plumbing Industry

As a collective, the industry was hit hard

While California deemed plumbers and electricians to be essential service providers, it definitely was not business as usual once the stay at home order was enforced.

While California deemed plumbers and electricians to be essential service providers, it definitely was not business as usual once the stay at home order was enforced. One of the biggest impacts of the pandemic is the uncertainty it has created for both the industry and its clients. Although the goal was to continue working throughout the pandemic as far as urgent installations and repairs were concerned, a significantly-reduced call volume has been experienced. In fact, the majority of routine maintenance visits were canceled by clients, and plumbing contractors opted to work remotely as far as possible.

Exceptional efforts required for long-term survival

With Los Angeles County slowly creeping closer to the 200,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases mark, operators within the plumbing industry are doing everything in their power to stay afloat. Apart from relying on existing clients to keep some form of income from rolling in, independent plumber and plumbing firms are also experimenting with novel marketing strategies to try and attract new business. Now, more than ever before, it is of the utmost importance that plumbers do everything in their power to make their services stand out. By utilizing plumber SEO, a tradesman can not only expect increased online visibility, but improved website functionality as well. This is essential if they are to attract new customers.

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A full return to normality may still be very far away

Although lockdown restrictions are being lifted in most parts of the country, including California, it may still be quite some time before the pandemic dies down completely. Apart from adapting existing marketing strategies, it remains pivotal to adhere to health and safety protocols to combat the spread of the virus. Careless operations may benefit the economy, but profit cannot be allowed to trump public health. This is despite the fact that many sources of mainstream media advocating that the economy is more important than health. Although wearing a mask remains mandatory in Los Angeles County, not everyone adheres to the regulations. Coupled with social distancing and strict personal hygiene, wearing a mask when working in the office or on-site can play a big role in curbing the spread of the Covid-19 virus, and ultimately, keeping industries like plumbing alive.

Most industries have been hit extremely hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Until the world returns to an increased degree of normality, tradesmen such as plumbers, in particular, are going to have to continuously adapt to survive amidst the chaos.