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Even in ancient times, people learned about precious metals. Why are precious metals called noble? People believed that precious metals have magical properties, and they are not affected by high temperatures, exposure to acid-base solutions, they shine in the sun and retain their luxurious appearance even after prolonged contact with moisture. For such properties they were called noble.

What is the value of precious metals in the 21st century?

What are precious metals? How to use it in 2022? What is the history of it and where did it come from? Check the answers out now!

Why are metals "noble" today? Today, precious metals are one of the options for effective investment. Why is it worth investing in precious metals? This is reliable, as the bars and gems are always close to you, and not in the virtual world. The entry threshold is not great. You don't need to have a lot of money set aside to afford a few grams of precious metals. It's also easy and affordable. So, for example, you can use the service to find top precious metal items and start earning passively. Remember, your money should not lie idle!

What are the precious metals?

Today, several chemical elements belong to this category of precious metals. They are widely demanded in various fields. These are platinum, gold, palladium and silver, ruthenium, radium, osmium and iridium are also considered precious metals. Another metal, technetium, is also noble, but it has a high radioactivity, therefore it is not included in the general list.

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Why are precious metals so valuable?

As we have already said, a distinctive feature of precious metals is that under the influence of unfavorable external factors, their molecular structure remains unchanged. Such elements have a very high melting point. Precious metals do not decompose in water and do not react with oxygen, respectively, do not form oxides. It is possible to obtain an alloy with such metals only through complex technical manipulations using strong chemical reagents.

Precious metals are non-renewable and especially valuable natural resources. None of them can be created artificially. Therefore, the origin of these metals on Earth is still a mystery to everyone. There are two main hypotheses for the appearance of precious metals on Earth.

The first one is space. According to this version, at a certain stage of its formation, the Earth was bombarded by meteorites. It is assumed that this led to the appearance of metals in the earth's crust. However, this theory has one big flaw. Scientists have found that, on average, each meteorite contains no more than 0.005% of precious metals. This does not compare with the amount that is produced from active fields.

The second theory is about tectonics. According to this theory, precious metals appeared in the core of our planet under the influence of special conditions. After appearing together with hot lava, precious metals were thrown onto the earth's surface. Compared to the first theory, this theory is more plausible. However, it does not explain why these fossils at some point in the development of the planet ceased to form and enter the earth's crust along with hot lava.

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As we can see there is not a single theory here that would convince us, because precious metals are still a huge mystery for each of us. The only thing we know for sure and must surely remember in 2022 is that we should keep in mind the effectiveness and reliability of investing in precious metals.