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Preventing Cruelty to Animals

Cruelty to animals represents a range of behaviors that are harmful to animals. The abuse can range from neglect to malicious killing. Animal cruelty is a huge concern because it is wrong to inflict pain on any living creature. Also, it is a sign of psychological distress, and in many cases, indicates that the individual who is doing the abuse has already been a victim of violence or is predisposed to commit some violent acts. 

There are many reasons behind cruelty to animals. We went through some free essay samples found online, and many of the writers of those animal cruelty essays share the same opinion and usually slit the reasons for animal abuse into two main categories, which are active and passive cruelty. Let’s check what these two types imply. 

Active Cruelty 

Means malicious intent, where the individual intentionally and deliberately causes harm to an animal. Intentional cruelty to animals is the most disturbing thing and usually a sign of a psychological problem, considered sociopathic. Abuse of animals in violent homes can happen for many reasons. The abusive individual may threaten to kill the pets to intimidate some family members, obligate them to stay silent about current or previous abuse, or may torture the pets just to show their power.

Passive Cruelty 

Passive cruelty to animals is considered as neglect, where the abuse is done by lack of attention. However, neglect can also cause huge suffering and pain to an animal. Some examples of neglect are dehydration, starving, inadequate shelter in certain weather, failure to take your pet to the veterinarian when they need medical attention, etc. 

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Education about animal right 

In stopping cruelty to animals, the main thing that can help is the right education about animal rights.

In stopping cruelty to animals, the main thing that can help is the right education about animal rights. Education is the building block of a responsible and humane society. And when educators use the right methods, they will provide the right knowledge to the learners. Teachers should teach children about animal rights from a very young age. That can be done by giving them lectures on how to stop animal abuse, assigning them papers or essays about animal rights, taking them on free trips to the zoo or even requiring the children to volunteer in animal shelters. That kind of activity will help them develop deep feelings for animals based on understanding, empathy, and respect.

Animal Abuse Prevention 

Finding the best solutions against cruelty to animals is not an easy task. But starting with yourself is always a big step ahead. Here are our top 7 pieces of advice on how to stop cruelty to animals. Keep in mind that this kind of help is free. You just have to be persuasive, loving, and humble to successfully make a difference.

  • Treat your pet good, learn everything about your pet’s needs. Offer some fun time to your pet, and make sure to keep it healthy and happy all the time. 
  • Teach your friends and family to respect animals, be a good example, by being respectful towards animals yourself. Help them become your partners in the fight against animal cruelty. 
  • Intervene if you witness animal neglect or abuse. If the abuser gets argumentative, don’t put yourself in danger. Step aside and make sure to report it to the authorities to prevent it from happening again. 
  • Help an animal that is in a harmful situation. Some abused animals may need support immediately, and in some cases, you can be the helping hand that an animal needs. 
  • Be kind to other pets. Many pets are suffering from abandonment. Fostering a pet from a shelter is always a great way to help. You can help the pet to recover and prepare it to move into a new loving home. 
  • Keep in mind that animal abuse can be closely connected to domestic violence. By reporting something suspicious, you may end up helping not just the pet but also the family. 
  • Offer to help less fortunate people. Some families may love their animal but don’t have enough money to care for that pet. Any kind of help you can give in that situation can help the pet and its owners. 


Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

As sad as it may seem, animal cruelty is real. People think of animals as less valuable than humans, which is an issue that happens all around the world. Animals are creatures that deserve our respect and need our protection, nowadays we have stolen so much of their natural habitats, so the worst we can do is to add more to their suffering.