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Priceless Diamonds

Some people grow up with a silver spoon in their mouth, while some are forced to do the best they can with the cards they were dealt with. In response to the continuous rise in the number of children victimized by the sex trade industry, Gigi Nicole established Priceless Diamonds, Inc. 

The non-profit organization aims to be a new home to as many abused children as possible and, at the same time, shed light on the horror that the sex trade continues to propagate in America.

At the core of the organization’s efforts is the acknowledgment that healing from past traumatic experiences is a delicate and intricate process. “We are here to help connect children to resources that will allow them to be children, instead of feeling the need to find ways to feed and clothe themselves,” Gigi Nicole explained.

Priceless Diamonds, Inc.’s mission is to improve the lives of children who have been victims of exploitation in the gruesome industry of the sex trade. Additionally, it aims to raise awareness about the issue in schools, other organizations involving children, as well as households across the country. The non-profit is actively enlisting parents in the campaign to properly educate and safeguard their children from anything that endangers their innocence.

The team behind Priceless Diamonds, Inc. is committed to devoting its time and energy to preventing child abuse and eradicating the commercial sex trafficking of children and young women in the United States.

Priceless Diamonds, Inc.’s mission is to improve the lives of children who have been victims of exploitation in the gruesome industry of the sex trade.

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Gigi Nicole started Priceless Diamonds, Inc. because she went through the same traumatic experiences that her organization is actively advocating against. She grew up in an environment where crime was rampant. Worst of all, her father was a hustler, bank robber, and hitman who abused Gigi and her sister physically, mentally, and sexually. They were even forced into arranged marriages that sought to unite organized crime families.

At the age of thirteen, Gigi Nicole found herself falling into the dangerous side of life as a means of survival. She became involved with drug dealing and prostitution and later worked as a dancer at a strip club when she got pregnant at fifteen and became a mother at the age of sixteen.

Gigi Nicole eventually managed to build her own life away from her father’s shadow. She opened a business in the adult entertainment industry, hiring exotic dancers and providing escort services. But despite the fact that her business was thriving, Gigi never found contentment in the industry she continued to be in.

In hopes of starting a clean slate, Gigi ultimately broke away from everything that ruined her and concentrated on making a difference in society and the lives of people. She built Priceless Diamonds, Inc. for anyone who has been hurt, bullied, and abused. The company hopes to provide support and a safe haven for people who have experienced huge difficulties as they try to heal from their trauma.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Through Priceless Diamonds, she aims to help sex trade victims break free from their painful past.

Learn more about Priceless Diamonds, Inc. and its initiatives by visiting its website.