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Prison tattoos mean tattoos that are generally made by people who have stayed behind the bars for a long time. They might be associated with a gang, or follow a certain ideology, and hence, have inked the tattoo on their skin. If you see one such, then we advise you to be careful. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss certain Prison Tattoos that you should be aware of!

Just check out the different tattoo names and their meanings found across the world and you will be amused reading this piece of information.


Teardrop is one of the most common tattoos that can be found in prison. The meaning varies depending upon the location, but if you are going to ink the tattoo, it can create a lot of enemies! 

At some places, it represents the time prisoner spends in prison, while at other places it shows that the prisoner has been involved in a murder. If it just an outline, then It may be possible that the prisoner attempted murder. All in all, if you spot this tattoo, stay precautious! 


1488 tattoo is quite common in people who strongly believe Nazi ideology or are white supremacist. The letter 14 represents the 14 words, part of the quote of a Nazi leader while the 88 represents the letter H twice(HH), abbreviated from Heil Hitler. 

Clock without Hand

Clock without Hand is another type of Tattoo that implies that the prisoner has spent a long time in prison.

Clock without Hand is another type of Tattoo that implies that the prisoner has spent a long time in prison. People behind the bars get this tattoo done in the form of a wristwatch or even a wall clock. But not every clock tattoo is an alarming sign for you! Only the ones without hands are generally considered suspicious. 

Three Dots Tattoo

If you want to know about three dot meaning then you need to visit a person who is in prison. The symbol is famous among prison members and is just not limited to a particular gang. The person you find having these dots has chosen their lifestyle in their own way. They do not seek approval from the rest of the world, they want to live a crazy and different life. 

La Eme 

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La eme is one of the most popular prison tattoos that you will ever see. La Eme or the letter “M” represents the Mexican Mafia. They are one of the most dominant gangs in the US and have joined the hands with Aryan Brotherhood. 

The tattoo started back when the Mexican-Americans were put behind the bars. Stay alarming when you see one such person around you!


ACAB Tattoo can be found in prisoners of Britain. They ink this tattoo to show their willingness to do anything for the gang. The term ACAB stands for All Cops Are Bast*rds. It is generally found on the back or even on the knuckles. 

Knife around the neck

A knife around the neck is also a famous tattoo that you can generally find in Russia. The person bearing this tattoo is generally considered to be a murderer. And as they are proud of it, they ink it on their body!


No, Not Alice Baker! The AB is an acronym of Aryan Brotherhood, one of the oldest gangs of the US, which has more than 20000 members in the country. It is a racist gang, who believes in white supremacy. 

5 Dots Tattoo

Five Dots Tattoo is a tattoo that is similar to Three Dots one however has a different meaning. It is vital to note that the only thing similar is the pattern, the dots, and nothing else. Five dots tattoo is also for prison people, showing the time spent by them behind the bars. 

MS 13

Representing the gang from El Salvador, MS 13 is an abbreviation of Mara Salvatrucha Gang. The gang has high involvement in different criminal activities such as drug dealing. The MS 13 tattoo is generally inked on the back, but it can also be found on the face or neck.

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This was all about Prison TattoosThere are different tattoos representing different gangs and hence, you need to be aware of such people. These gangs are generally involved in criminal activities and hence, be precautious. We hope that the article has served its purpose and will help you in getting insights regarding these prison tattoos.