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Psytrance Pig NFT

The music world will never be the same again after a group of artists, developers, and music lovers have developed a non-fungible token collection that looks to rethink how people experience music online. The name of the NFT drop is Psytrance Pig, a 10,000-piece digital art collection that’s invading the blockchain world and music scene.

As NFTs continue to reinvent how people experience art, early adopters have taken advantage of this rising trend by jumping in early on. Today, non-fungible artworks have become another mode of the collection as it promises unique ownership and easy access to people who want to win on trading arbitrages online. Psytrance Pig takes on that space and welcomes music lovers as well.

Psytrance Pig features a cartoon hog character with a unique back story. As per the NFT’s official website, the narrative follows a special pig born on a mushroom plantation. After eating a thunderstruck psychedelic mushroom, that pig would turn into the first alpha pigman, beginning a whole army of these hip pig characters with a knack for art, music, and the psychedelic experience.

The Psytrance Pig NFT collection sports 10,000 unique collectibles NFTs minted on the Ethereum Network.

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The Psytrance Pig NFT collection sports 10,000 unique collectibles NFTs minted on the Ethereum Network. Each collection piece is called a Psypig and has a permuted look based on 173 traits. No two NFTs in this collection look completely alike, although they have the same base look for the pig character, which draws all tokens back to one unified community. The pigs’ unique traits come in different forms, including headgear, cigars, laser beams shooting out of their eyes, and so on.

But one of the most significant differentiating factors of the Psypig collection is its function in the world of music. The NFT looks to become the first token with a virtual music festival attached to it. The group intends to call this experience the Psyverse and will only be accessible to people who own a Psytrance Pig from their first or second phase. Moreover, the artworks show promise as some experts have started to laud the collection for its visual quality. “Our artworks are focused on the psychedelic aspects of Psytrance music,” shares a representative from the creators. “We embrace oddity with a hint of cheekiness through the personification of Psypigs as expressed in our artworks.”

The Psytrance team will also be launching music videos attached to the NFT collection, with some hard-hitting artists joining the mix. The planning process will begin as soon as the NFT mint collection hits 60% buying capacity, and the Psyverse will open as soon as 100% of the mints get sold. As part of its roadmap, the Psytrance Pic team also looks to launch a YouTube and Discord radio once four-tenths of their offered artworks go out to the public.

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The NFT movement has been a goldmine for visual artists, with some tokens going for at least a few thousand dollars. Some artworks have even reached six to eight digits in valuation with time. As Psytrance Pig progresses in the scene, it looks to open up the same opportunities for musicians on the blockchain network.

Learn more about Psytrance Pigs by checking out their website, Twitter account, and Discord community.