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It is true that many traditionalists still prefer purchasing jewelry in person by visiting a store. However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend of buying jewelry online. Though online jewelry purchase currently accounts for only 4%-5% of the global jewelry market, it is estimated to grow at a rapid rate and capture 10% of the market by the end of the year 2020.

Purchasing Jewelry Online

The growing popularity of online jewelry shopping can be attributed to the changing lifestyle choices of the millennials. First of all, online shopping eliminates the need to visit crowded showrooms and allows people to shop as per their schedule from the comforts of their home. It is also possible to compare different items, sellers, and prices while purchasing online. However, considering the high cost of jewelry items, it is important to shop online in the right way.

Tips for Buying Jewelry Online:

  • In order to receive a great deal on jewelry items, the first step is to find out a reliable online jeweler. Before deciding to purchase from any particular store, research its website extensively to figure out how long they have been in business, how easily they can be contacted, and their standing with previous buyers or third-party sources. The best online jewelry stores tend to invest heavily in optimizing their websites and enhancing the shopping experience of their customers.

The best online jewelry stores tend to invest heavily in optimizing their websites and enhancing the shopping experience of their customers.

  • Regardless of where they are, the nature of online sales demands the shipping cost to be paid by the customers. On top of that, the sales tax will also have to be paid for purchasing jewelry. The shipping costs should be negligible because jewelry tends to be small and lightweight. However, the sales tax is something you must check out for. Owing to the high price tags, state and city sales taxes generally add up very quickly.
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  • Nowadays, most of the valuable jewelry items come with authentication certificates and documents as proof of product quality. Independent and unbiased gemologists from different renowned laboratories issue these certificates. While purchasing online, it is critical to determine the authenticity of the piece you are planning to buy. For example, if you are purchasing gemstone jewelry, you must ensure that the grading reports from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or American Gem Society (AGS) are included with your purchase. By purchasing products without these certificates, you run the risk of getting something fake.
  • Before purchasing any jewelry item online, ask for real photos or videos of the piece. This is important because some online stores inflate their inventory stock artificially by using stock photos for product listing. These are not actual images of the product, but more of a placeholder. Some stores even make the items appear brighter by doing slight color correction of the images. Therefore, while inquiring about a piece of jewelry, you must check its actual image. Also, cameras often make small items look larger. This is why it is also important to confirm the dimensions of the product.
  • While purchasing jewelry online, but only from a company that is always prepared to back up its products. This is where the warranty of the product comes in. Find out the warranty options and whether there are any additional costs involved. Some online jewelers offer lifetime warranties covering minor polishing and cleaning services. On the other hand, some others have a limited period warranty with additional costs for an extension.
  • Regardless of what you are purchasing online, it is extremely important to check the seller’s return policy. If a certain product is non-returnable, it is always better to avoid the temptation of purchasing it. Ideally, you should only purchase from a company with an uncomplicated return policy.

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