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QR Codes

Since marketers and brands have tried a multitude of ways to make their product commercials more appealing to their target customers, putting up seasonal marketing campaigns have become their ultimate strategy to keep people get hooked with them.

With most campaigns starting from hyping up their future product releases down to their customer’s experience with the item itself, going beyond people’s expectations is what every brand and marketer wishes to deliver for their audience.

And as a result of their ever-changing and innovative advertising visions, they arrive with the marketing era that utilizes the use of modern technology to easily promote their products to the audience.

With technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and more, today’s product advertising means have been truly redefined and given a new meaning for its uses.

With technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and more, today’s product advertising means have been truly redefined and given a new meaning for its uses.

But as technology is now heavily associated with advertising, interconnecting the offline community to the online world is made easy with the use of QR codes.

What is a QR code?

A QR code or Quick Response code is a 2D type of barcode that converts data into a tiny set of patterns called modules. This type of barcode is created to address the issues traditional one-dimensional barcodes have, scanning and data encoding, and was first used in an automotive assembly factory in Japan in 1994.

As they store more data and can be scanned horizontally and vertically, the technology is continually being improved and is can be created with the use of a QR code generator online. Up to date, the type of data that people can convert into a QR code is the URL, text, video, audio, images, files, and more.

Because of its improved capabilities, marketers and brands are integrating the use of QR codes in their seasonal marketing campaigns and change the way advertising works for them.

How do QR codes redefine today’s product advertising means?

Since QR codes are one of the technologies marketers and brands use in their current product marketing means, here are some notable ways how these 2D barcodes redefine their advertising means.

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Simplify online pre-order registrations

Most companies today are adding online pre-orders as part of their marketing strategy to ensure that that the product they will launch have been reserved by the people who are waiting for it. And for them to directly lead people to their online pre-order site, QR codes have helped redefine their product pre-order campaigns with it.

Portal for virtual product try-on

With many brands and companies having the ability to adapt Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology into their product marketing campaigns, the use of QR codes helps them easily introduce their virtual product try-on by serving as a portal for it.

Since the pandemic has made physical product try-on campaigns difficult for companies in the cosmetics industries, these 2D barcodes address the issue by using AR technology embedded in them.

Store digital product campaign pamphlets

As giving out physical flyers only increases the cost incurred in running a product campaign, converting these pamphlets into a digital one has become one of today’s advertising trends companies and marketers follow for their product launches.

And to make their digital product campaign flyers distribution easier, most of them are using a PDF QR code to store their digital product campaign flyers.

Direct people to your social media handles

Since most product launches are now happening through virtual live streams on famous social media platforms, the use of QR codes has helped companies and marketers make people take a reminder of their event by simply letting them scan the code and be directed to their social media handles.


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With the change the marketing world gets as technology lingers to become a part of society’s way of life, the marketers’ inclusion in their use of it completely redefines the way they advertise their products today.

Thanks to the presence of QR codes, marketing products from offline to online platforms becomes easier and more accessible for all. As the budget in creating a QR code does not require being expensive, small businesses can also create theirs with the use of a QR code generator with logo online and redefine their means in advertising their products today.

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