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QuickBooks Enterprise

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Intuit's QuickBooks is an accounting program used by both individuals and companies to handle their finances. However, the standard edition of QuickBooks may be enough for personal finances or Small to medium sized enterprises, growing enterprises may find the program's restrictions limiting. QuickBooks Enterprise is created with a larger-scale operation in consideration and displays several variations compared to its standard equivalent.


QuickBooks Enterprise has several additional characteristics associated with both the desktop and online variants of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Enterprise has several additional characteristics associated with both the desktop and online variants of QuickBooks. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions comprises one year of access to the expert products, extensive technical support, free upgrades, and online data backup; the only characteristics shared by the online version of QuickBooks. QB Enterprise additionally features the Inventory Center, a system that manages inventory tasks into a particular interface. Enterprise can also run two business files at the same time, enabling users to multitask when managing the finances of two businesses. Only QuickBooks Desktop Premier consists of the Inventory Center, while many business files are restricted to QuickBooks Enterprise. Enterprise can also combine reports from various businesses, maintain an inventory with bar code scanning, bin location tracking, and several other inventory control systems. Enterprise can also create custom reports with ODBC-compliant applications by a direct link to the QuickBooks database. You can have the added benefit of a Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop as well.

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Additional Licenses 

One of the most significant differences between QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks is the number of supplementary licenses Intuit can allow for any purchase and the number of users who can run QuickBooks at the same exact time. With the desktop variant of QuickBooks, you are restricted to 3 licenses in the Pro edition and 5 licenses in the Online and Premier editions. QuickBooks Premier Hosting Services allows 6 times the number of licenses available to QuickBooks Premium users as a result of 30 available licenses.

Single-Click Reports

All variants of QuickBooks feature "Single-click" financial, sales, and tax reports as a portion of the software's services. The basic desktop variant of QuickBooks highlights greater than 100 reports for the Pro version and more than 150 reports from multiple markets. The online version has greater than 65 reports. QuickBooks Enterprise highlights more than 150 available reports particularly edited to the host company's market. This focus on market-specific reporting enables more important information to be available to a business's financial department.


One of the most comprehensive differences between QuickBooks and QuickBooks Enterprise is the pricing factor. Desktop editions of QuickBooks have a single price, with the Pro edition pricing from $200 and the Premier edition pricing from $320. The online edition of QuickBooks works on a monthly subscription scheme, pricing $40 per month. Enterprise version begins at $600 per user, meaning companies that utilize the full 30 licenses will be spending at least $18,000 to get QuickBooks.

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