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Radiating Happiness

When you think of the person in your life who most radiates a sense of positivity, who first comes to mind? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people thought of you when asked that question? To radiate happiness and positivity, you must first be a peaceful and a positive human being. Happiness and prosperity follows. The practice of three foundational concepts can help you cultivate the kind of long-term positive outlook that benefits you and everyone around you. Those concepts include:

  • Mindfulness
  •  Conserving and creating energy – High energy living
  •  mindful co-existence

Developing positivity and peace through mindfulness

Mindfulness allows us to be fully present in the moment; actually mindfulness is only possible in the present. It enables us to be aware of where we are and what we’re doing without feeling overwhelmed by the things outside of our control.

In the most basic sense, intermittent silenceTM involves spending time with ourselves and our thoughts.

We can develop mindfulness through an advanced form of meditation I call “intermittent silenceTM.” In the most basic sense, intermittent silenceTM involves spending time with ourselves and our thoughts. The idea is to develop inner peace by allowing our brains to rest for ten minutes a day. The process involves four steps:

  • We close our mouths and are without words.
  • We close our eyes and allow our visual pathways to rest.
  • We listen silently to the sounds around us.
  • We watch our thoughts silently and allow them to pass without judgment. 

An app I’ve created called Relaxx guides listeners through the process of intermittent silenceTM. Accessing the app at the same time and the same place each day enables you to make mindfulness a part of your daily life.

When we commit to practicing ten minutes of intermittent silenceTM daily, something wonderful begins to happen. We notice enhanced mindfulness throughout the rest of our day as well.

At this point, when negative thoughts come to our minds, we can create a new reality for ourselves through the power of positive imaging. When we notice the effects of worry, stress, or fear, we can step back from those emotions to see what is causing them. Then, instead of being overcome by those emotions, we can imagine positive outcomes. Just picturing ourselves as we ace a test, score a soccer goal, or nail an interview plays a part in ensuring successful results.

The regular practice of mindfulness and positive imaging slowly transforms our minds. Instead of allowing negative emotions and insecurities to influence the way we see people and circumstances around us, we create a reality seen through the lens of happiness and positivity.

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Developing positivity and happiness by understanding the energy equation

The second principle enabling us to radiate positivity into the world around us is the practice of high-energy living. The higher our inner energy, the happier and more peaceful we can be. In a world prone to burnout and fatigue, it is critical we find a way to conserve and create this inner energy. While intermittent silence rests our brain and conserves energy, meditation is one of the most effective means of creating energy.

Our brains have approximately 86 billion neurons. They are constantly being bombarded with stimulation and spinning with thoughts. With our minds constantly in motion, it’s no wonder we feel drained all the time. With intermittent silenceTM and the Relaxx app, we learn to turn off our brains and escape the world for a few peaceful moments every day. We come out of meditation energized and able to spread peace.

In addition to mindfulness, we must learn to surround ourselves with people who fuel our energy. It’s a fact of life that some people build others up, while some tear others down. Some create positive energy we can draw from, while others deplete our inner resources. Surrounding ourselves with people who energize our spirits renews the energy we have and enables us to spread that positivity to others.

Another means of achieving high-energy living is spending time in nature. My favorite time to practice intermittent silenceTM is during a hike in the forest. I lie down on a cool rock and close my eyes. I listen to whatever sounds are around me—a gurgling stream, the rustling leaves, or the chirping birds.

Taking time to immerse ourselves in nature a little each day brings us the energy we need. Go for a walk in the mountains, stand in the morning sun, watch the surf roll in and out, gaze up at a starry sky—nature’s rejuvenating energy will meet you wherever you are.

Developing positivity and happiness by learning the art of mindful co-existence

The entire cosmos teaches us the art of co-existence. The sun, moon, and planets of our solar system coexist together. People, countries, and societies continue with each other. The good, the bad, and the ugly coexist.

One of the most valuable skills you can learn from intermittent silenceTM is allowing each of your thoughts and emotions to coexist. As you practice mindfulness, watch your thoughts and emotions. Let them exist with each other without judgment. Let them just coexist with you.

Co-existence doesn’t mean we accept everything around us. We don’t have to accept the things we don’t like; we simply need to coexist mindfully. When faced with a challenging relationship, we can find an equilibrium that allows us to work toward restoration. When faced with a turbulent or negative emotion, we can watch it mindfully to determine its root. During all of this, we are practicing co-existence.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Practicing mindfulness, high-energy living, and mindful co-existence result in inner strength and peace. This store of peacefulness and positivity allows us to radiate happiness to everyone around us. For more tips and guidance in the practice of intermittent silenceTM, try the Relaxx app.

Dr. Krishna Bhatta