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Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal gets better with age like a good wine. What spectacular games he shows up at Roland-Garros 2021. He technically defeated Diego Schwartzman in the quarter final. It was a battle in front of 5,000 viewers in Paris. Rafael Nadal is on a journey to win more than €34 million prize. And today we are going to tell 11 facts about Rafael Nadal. This article was brought to you by dux casino, a legit casino under Malta gambling authority with 5500+ games. Ok, let’s go back to the champ Rafa Nadal. Bring it on! 

11 things you didn’t know about tennis icon 

  • Rafael Nadal respects the greatest composer Beethoven and that’s why he gave his name to his luxury yacht MCY 76. Like a highest-paid tennis player in the world with a net worth around $160 million he has got a lot of properties and accessories like at least 50 crafted Swiss watches by Richard Mill. But his yacht stands out and personifies his character and style of playing - dynamic, persistent, technical, passion. Yacht has an overall length of 23 meters. This yacht is a real rocket with a perfect exterior and interior design, powered with the greatest engine and aerodynamic characteristics. 
  • Similar to his notorious topspin with exquisite rotation and velocity. Not only players, but even scientists explore all details of his techniques. It’s a huge challenge to play against him and even dangerous. The most recorded speed of his topspin is 103 mph. This is phenomenal and only prodigy athletes are able to do the same. 
  • He has been practicing for years to achieve this extraordinary technique. Also big chants to his uncle Tony who has made a tennis pro from a talented boy. Unbelievable that at the age of eleven Nadal finally decided to focus on tennis rather than football. Who knows maybe he would become a great center-forward for Real Madrid or Barcelona. But he is perfect on the tennis court and motivates youth to work hard and find a better place in the world. Rafael Nadal is the best confirmation that hard work pays off. 

Even though Rafael Nadal’s shots are called vicious and outrageous, he is probably the most intelligent and kind athlete in the world.

  • He is a true example not only of his huge list of titles and earnings. Even though Rafael Nadal’s shots are called vicious and outrageous, he is probably the most intelligent and kind athlete in the world. He always has got kind words to say for his opponents whether he wins or loses. 
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  • Rafael Nadal is a notorious philanthropist. He won the Laureus World Sports Award in 2011 and became the athlete of the year because of his huge activities in various charity projects. He doesn’t only inspire people with his success and winnings, he donates money for very important projects. 
  • He was called a tennis Titan for a huge list of achievements. There are 56 in total which put him on a list with the most ranked tennis players in the world like Djokovic and Federer. 
  • He is still living in his homeland in Mallorca like not many athletes in the world do. He is the icon of the famous vacation island and locals are really proud to have such a great neighbour. 
  • Also Mallorca is a special place in his career because right here he became one of youngest players who ever won an ATP match. Rafael Nadal vs Ramon Deldago match among his first performances when he amazed not only Spain, but the whole world with his incredible techniques. 
  • Originally Rafael Nadal was right-handed, but his uncle Tony insisted on choosing the left-hand position to avoid many problems in the future. By the way, Tony Nadal is originally a professional football player, but was coaching his nephew for 12 years and made him a legend. It reminds the story of golfer Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson and other greatest athletes. It’s so important to have wise support. Big chants to his uncle again! 
  • In 2004 during a French Open Rafael Nadal started a tradition to bite his trophies. Well in the game he is a real beast with a huge will to win and self-sacrifice. 
  • He was born in 1986. His zodiac sign is Gemini. 
Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

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