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Ramneek Sidhu

The digital marketing scene is ever changing. The ability to be consistent among the youth in a competitive world can be very much thrilling and challenging enough. It takes days and months of hard work to come up with strategies that can influence a whole nation. With the arrival of digital media marketing, the businesses that have been shunted down to the sides due to the corona pandemic have been able to come back to stability with the occasional help from the digital marketing consultants.

Ramneek Sidhu is one such marketing expert from the city of Mohali, Punjab. He had begun his journey towards becoming among the pioneers of digital marketing right from his late teen years. It didn't take one day for Sidhu to come to the conclusion that marketing was the career option that was most suitable for him. He had closely observed his talent at convincing people and handling people, and put them together into thought and realised that digital marketing is somewhere he can put his talent into an advantage.

It didn't take one day for Sidhu to come to the conclusion that marketing was the career option that was most suitable for him.

He had first started off as a freelance marketing consultant at the age of 17. with not much experience that he could gather, the struggle towards betterment in his works was quite hard and took a toll on his mental health at times. In the beginning, he had to endure many setbacks, both financially and productively. As time went, he started rectifying his own mistakes and learned from it. as he knew, he couldn't survive in this world, if he hadn't put double the effort that his contemporaries did, he started working tirelessly putting focus on improving upon his communication skills and the planning of better strategies owing to the needs of the varying customers and the technological aspects.

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In the year 2016, Ramneek Sidhu started his first office in UAE with the confidence and work experience that he acquired from his own struggles and engagements. With no mentors to lead him the right way, the way in which he set up the basement for the path towards success is highly appreciable. When asked about the inspiration to reach the peak of success, Sidhu says, "I haven't had the advantages that many of the other marketers in this field have had. I had to work my way towards my aim all alone with no one to give me even occasional help. So, I can proudly say that my struggles, my downfalls, my mistakes have been my inspiration. This is the victory and space that I earned myself. I'm never going to go back a step from where I have come forward."

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Ramneek Sidhu is quite confident about his determination and passion for the work that he's indulged in. Sidhu believes that the secret behind his success and client feedback, solely goes to his crucial decision to make the customer satisfied with their work with no loopholes. All along his digital marketing career he made sure that he catered to the needs of his customers and worked accordingly. He is planning to no expand his business to Canada in 2021.