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Have you ever experienced browsing a website and having difficulty finding what you need? Such an experience prompts you to hit the back button and head over to another website. As a business owner, this is the last thing you want to happen. You’ve managed to drive potential customers to your site, and you wouldn’t want them to go to the competition just because your website fails to impress. As a matter of fact it is much more difficult to acquire customers than to retain them. If your website fails to impress potential customers then you have missed something very important and you will need a longer period of time to have them. In order not to face these kinds of issues you or web design agency should take proper steps to have the best website possible that will attract customer satisfaction. It’s high time that you care about user experience as it makes or breaks your business. A first step is to take take UX design into account.

Many business owners think that as long as their website is up and running, they can take on a hand-off approach and wait for customers to arrive.

UX design is easy to dismiss. Many business owners think that as long as their website is up and running, they can take on a hand-off approach and wait for customers to arrive. According to Ramotion,a San Francisco-based branding and UX design agency, any prudent business owner should be on a more proactive approach to the user experience afforded by their app or website. It pays to understand the link between user experience and the other aspects of your business.

1. Increase conversions

A confused visitor may not convert into a happy or loyal customer. You should take a close look at your site’s analytics and identify weak points that could impact your bottom line. It’s worth considering hiring a professional UX design company that can help turn things around and even help you recognize your site’s different aspects that need improvement. 

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Denis Pakhaliuk, the founder and CEO of Ramotion, has worked with both startups and large corporations. He says that regardless of your company’s size, UX design can make an enormous difference in generating sales and conversions. At Ramotion, the designers will discuss in detail your business goals, current pain points, and what you want to portray to your audience. They will gather all necessary information before going into the actual design process.

2. Higher SEO rankings

A simple UX design isn't just helpful only for increasing conversions. It also boosts your organic search rankings. Google actively promotes websites that offer incredible user experience. Google’s primary goal is to provide the best results to user queries. It’s in the users’ best interest and Google itself when optimized websites are listed on the first page’s organic search listings. This is evidenced by the mobile-friendliness update launched by Google years ago in which websites with responsive design have been given a significant boost in SEO rankings.

3. Improve brand loyalty

Do you know why people prefer buying from specific websites? It's not just because of the products. It’s also because they are familiar with the website. They know how to navigate the website and find what they’re looking for quickly. This creates brand loyalty from your customers. Ramotion designers keep this factor in mind while designing your UX. They not only want new visitors to check out your website but also retain customers, thus improving your company’s brand loyalty.

4. Boost referrals

Word of mouth referrals can go a long way to increasing your website's traffic. This can happen when visitors feel satisfied after going through your website. The opposite can happen if they don't find the website user-friendly. If you want your viewers to refer your site to people they know, then make sure it has a simple and straightforward UX.

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With virtually all companies gearing up to improve their online presence, you wouldn’t want to lag behind the competition. Remember, though, that taking your business online doesn’t stop at creating a website. You need to take UX design into account if you want to attract potential customers and convert them into long-term brand advocates.